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No spray register No spray register

If you are a property owner or resident who does not want to have the street frontage of your property sprayed with herbicide, you can request to be added to the No Spray list. You can also request to have your property removed from the list if you no longer want to be on it.

One of the conditions of being added to the No Spray List is that you must agree to take over the control of noxious weeds in your street frontage, including:

  • the verge,
  • footpath,
  • the kerb and channel area of the carriageway.

To register to be added or removed from the list, please submit the following information (via the general feedback form):

  • Name,
  • Email address,
  • Mailing address to post the documents to (enter these details in the Your Comments field),
  • The location of the property to be added or removed from the list (enter these details in the Your Comments field),
  • Contact phone number (daytime).

Add your address to the No Spray Register with our feedback form

Please note:

  • You can only add your own property to the No Spray list,
  • If you do not control the weeds in the street frontage of your property, Auckland Transport will resume spraying.

Once you register your interest in being added to the No Spray list, we will send the details of all your obligations along with a declaration form for you to read and sign. Once these are returned to us, we will add you to the No Spray list.

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