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Livestock on roads bylaw Livestock on roads bylaw

The movement of livestock on roads in the former Franklin District is covered fully in the Franklin District Livestock on Roads Bylaw 2010.

This bylaw applies to the Auckland transport system and as such is deemed to have been made by Auckland Transport (AT). This bylaw remains in force until it is confirmed, amended or revoked in accordance with the statute under which it was enacted, or was last reviewed. 


Be advised that this is not an official copy of the Franklin District Council’s Bylaw. While every care has been taken in the reproduction of this Bylaw, Auckland Transport accepts no liability for the accuracy and completeness of this Bylaw. We advise you refer to the printed version if you do intend to rely on it. For an official copy of the Bylaw, please request a copy in writing.

Summary of the Franklin District Council Livestock on Roads Bylaw 2010

This bylaw regulates the controlled movement (ie. droving) of livestock along or across roads within the former Franklin District Council area now under Auckland Council.

Please note: compliance with this bylaw does not remove the need to comply with any other relevant legislation, District Plan provisions, Regional Plans and Regional Policy Statements.

Livestock concerns

If you have any concerns about the following:

  • Stock wandering on the road or on your land.
  • A livestock carcass causing a health risk (the disposal of livestock carcasses is the responsibility of individual owners).
  • Livestock carcasses in waterways.

You can get information about reporting problems caused by animals on the Auckland Council website.

Stock loading areas

If you want to build a new stock loading area you will need consent from AT. This is because we need to check the location has adequate visibility for other road users. Please apply in writing.

Stock underpasses

You may not want to have your stock crossing the road and instead want to install a stock underpass. Consent is required from AT to install an underpass, as you must receive approval before placing any encroaching object under a legal road.

Find out more about applying for a road encroachment.

Driving stock on roads (Droving)

Stock can be driven on the road (excluding roads in the urban areas of Pukekohe, Waiuku and Tuakau) during daylight, in the case of escape or in an emergency. Where it is intended that stock (but specifically excluding dairy cattle crossing roads on a regular basis) are driven on a road, the following applies:

  • Stock shall at all times be under the control of drovers. There should be at least one drover to every 300 cattle and at least one drover to every 1500 sheep
  • The number of animals in any one mob of stock shall not exceed 600 cattle or 3,000 sheep
  • The stock shall be moved from point of origin to point of final destination in the same day
  • Stock must be driven no more than eight kilometres
  • Stock shall be driven from point of origin to point of destination in the most direct or practical route possible
  • Drovers in charge of stock shall give due consideration to other road users
  • There shall be at least 150 metres of sight line visibility in both directions from the point of entry to and exit from the road
  • Droving in the urban areas of Pukekohe, Waiuku and Tuakau is not permitted.

Drovers shall be covered by a current third party public liability insurance cover. The minimum cover required shall be set from time to time by Auckland Transport.

If the above criteria cannot be met, please contact us to discuss other options.

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