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Auckland Transport
AT Metro electric train with art travelling along the Eastern line

'Look both ways' train art

'Be Track Smart' artwork on the train

In July 2019, we introduced our 'Look both ways' train, a wrapped electric train with beautiful artwork by local artists Flox and Trustme, promoting rail safety on the AT Metro network.

The design includes a flock of flying Wax-eye birds, in different flying stances, looking both left and right to portray movement and direction.

Watch the video of the installation on our YouTube channel.

Safety around train tracks

There's been an 82.3% increase in rail services since 2013, up to 194,000 services a year. That means more trains, are coming more often.

Our trains are also electric which means they are quiet and can accelerate fast without notice.

All of this means that there is an increased risk to people when they are not careful around the train tracks.

We want to encourage all Aucklanders to be safe around train tracks and using our services. Learn more about safety around trains and tracks.