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Supersave $100 a term on school travel with AT HOP

Age 5-19 Years
Buy and register your child’s AT HOP card, load a concession on it, and you could save $100 a term on school travel. Savings are compared to cash fares based on a 1 zone bus or train trip, twice daily, five days a week over a ten week term, with a child/secondary student concession applied to an AT HOP card.

Buy an AT HOP card

You can buy an AT HOP card online here or at AT Customer Services Centres or selected retailers. Prepay AT HOP cards are available at selected New World, PAK'nSAVE and Four Square stores✝

✝ The $10 purchase price is non-refundable. For a complete list of stores please see Prepay blue AT HOP cards are $20 which includes $10 HOP money and are available at selected New World, PAK'n SAVE and Four Square stores. Please note these stores are not able to sell gold AT HOP cards or any other top up or HOP product.

Register your AT HOP card

By registering your child’s AT HOP card online you can:

  • Check the AT HOP card balance and transaction history online
  • Load a Child concession on the AT HOP card. At least 40% discount*
  • Top up the AT HOP card or set up an auto top-up
  • Protect the Account balance on the card, in case it's ever lost or stolen

Get at least 40% discount*
when you load a concession

Child concession – Under 16 years

You can load a Child concession on to your child's AT HOP card. When you register your AT HOP card, select your child’s date of birth, and if under 16 years, a child concession will be applied automatically. A Student ID is not required for proof of age for primary and intermediate school children

Secondary concession – 16-19 years

Full-time secondary students, including those under 16 (until 20th birthday) can apply for a secondary student concession on their AT HOP card, provided they are able to show a current Auckland Transport approved secondary school student ID.

Note: New AT HOP cards are pre-loaded with an adult profile and adult fares will be charged until a concession is applied.

*Compared with a cash fare based on a 1 zone bus or train trip twice daily, five days a week over a ten week term. Must have a child/secondary student concession applied to an AT HOP card.

Set up Auto Top up

While you’re setting up your child for the start of the first term, now’s a great time to set-up an Auto Top-Up on their AT HOP card. That way they’ll never get stranded without credit on their card.

Auto Top-Up helps to ensure you always have enough funds in your AT HOP account to pay your fare. When your balance drops below a certain amount your account is topped up automatically.

Simply log into your AT HOP account and set up Auto Top-Up using your bank account, credit card or debit card. There is no fee to set up Auto Top-Up online.

The first time you set up Auto Top-Up it may take up to 72 hours to be applied to your card. After the first time the funds will be available on your AT HOP card instantly.

Children under 5 travel free with a fare paying passenger and do not require a ticket or AT HOP card for travel.

Child, accessible & secondary student fares** Fare savings** (with a concession loaded)
AT HOP CASH SINGLE Trip WEEKLY (10 trips) CASH (40 trips)
$0.30 $.50 $0.20 $2.00 $8.00
$0.99 $2.00 $1.01 $10.10 $40.40
$1.80 $3.00 $1.20 $12.00 $48.00
$2.78 $4.00 $1.22 $12.20 $48.80
$3.50 $5.00 $1.50 $15.00 $60.00
$4.45 $6.00 $1.55 $15.50 $62.00
$5.10 To see the zone map go to
** Excludes SkyBus services

Terms of use of the AT HOP cards are available here.

Fares and discounts are current as at 29 January 2017.