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Auckland Transport

Time to cool your
love affair with
your car?

Find new love here

It doesn’t have to be a permanent split, but finding new ways to commute could give you a whole new lease on life. You could save money, improve your well-being and reduce your stress levels. Check out your options:

Public Transport

Meet up with your bus, train or ferry. Give the Journey Planner a whirl to see what works for you.

'I needed a new start, more "me time"'
- Jill
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Out with the old and in with the new! See if you can change your hours – even once or twice a week – avoid the rush, reduce stress, travel off-peak. Makes sense.

'I do things my way … and it’s way less stressful'
- Jack
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Hitch up with a bike and give cycling a go! Check out Auckland’s cycleways or book a date for a free training course.

'I’m fitter, healthier … and happier'
- Hannah
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Get a free workout on the way to work! Even if you only walk part of the way, you’ll arrive refreshed and ready for action.

'I've got a whole new sense of freedom, of well-being…'
- Sue
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Find your match! Share the ride, share the cost, make new friends with the Smart Travel app.

'Now I’m into a whole new scene, and saved some cash as well'
- Gerald
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Travelwise Choices

Employers - explore the benefits of transport choice - it's good for your staff and good for business! The Travelwise Choices team can help tailor travel solutions for your staff.

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City Rail Link

Find out more about the City Rail Link and the benefits it will bring to Auckland.

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