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Improving travel times on Manukau and Pah Road

Travel along Manukau and Pah Road can be frustrating at times - particularly during morning and afternoon peak. At Auckland Transport, we’re trying to make this better by promoting alternative transport options.

If Manukau and Pah Road traffic is getting you down, read on and see how we can make your commute a whole lot better.

HOP Card

Tell us about your travel habits and win!

We want to know more about your travel habits, so we can plan to provide better transport services. We encourage you to fill-in the brief travel survey.

5 people who fill-in the survey will win an AT HOP card with a balance of $100. See terms and conditions for prize draw and AT HOP Card terms.

Look for the signs

If you travel along Manukau or Pah Road in morning peak in a northerly direction (towards Newmarket) during May 2019, you’ll notice large digital screens that will display information about your travel options.

We regularly monitor traffic flows on these roads to compare traffic movements and the time it takes to travel along this road. We compare the time it takes to travel on the T3/bus lane versus normal lanes.

Taking the bus, or ride-sharing and using the T3/bus lane can save you as much as 10 minutes per day in travel time*. That's 50 minutes per week.

*Based on travel during morning peak in a northerly direction, bus using the T3 lane versus car using the normal lane from the Herd Road intersection to Owen Road intersection.

What are your travel options?

aGO by Bus

There are many regular and frequent bus services running along Manukau and Pah Road towards Newmarket, including the 30, 309, 309X and OuterLink buses. Perhaps you haven't considered trying the bus.

Currently over 1,000 people travel along Manukau and Pah Road every day on buses. With most bus services running every 15 minutes, you literally turn up and go.

It’s estimated that these 1,000 bus commuters spend 1 hour less a week on Manukau and Pah Road than the people who travel by car¹.

Taking the bus from anywhere in the Manukau and Pah Road area to Newmarket or the city costs just $3.45 one way with an AT HOP card. This isn't bad considering the cost of parking, petrol and running costs for a car could be up to $45 a day.

Every full bus takes up to 50 cars off the road† and a double decker can take up to 100. So if more people took the bus it would take a lot of pressure off this road, allowing traffic to flow more freely.

†Based on average car occupancy of 1.2 people.
¹Based on AT HOP data.

oGO share a ride

Ride-share, or carpooling, is a social way to go. Get to know your neighbours better by teaming up for a ride into work or back home. Even better, team up and travel to work off-peak. You only need three people in a car to use the T3 lane during peak, so ride-sharing can save you a lot of time travelling along Manukau and Pah Road.

By splitting the cost, you’ll also save heaps of money on fuel and parking. For finding people in your area who are keen to carpool, check out our ‘Smart Travel’ app or download it from the App Store or Google Play.

Download the smart travel app for the iPhone on the App Store Download the smart travel app for Android on the Google Play store

GO via time-travel

By travelling on Manukau and Pah Road before 7am or after 9am and returning home outside of peak, you could save yourself as much as 15 minutes per day in travel time. That’s 75 minutes per week saved in time spent on the road getting to and from work††.

The following chart shows typical journey times (in minutes) Northbound along Manukau and Pah Road from 6am to 9.30am on weekdays. The yellow bars represent the T3 lane journey time. The dark blue bars represent the general traffic lane journey time. Each bar is a 10-minute period.

Manukau and Pah Road travel time data

6:00am 6:10am 6:20am 6:30am 6:40am 6:50am 7:00am 7:10am 7:20am 7:30am 7:40am 7:50am 8:00am 8:10am 8:20am 8:30am 8:40am 8:50am 9:00am 9:10am 9:20am 9:30am
T3 lane 5.5 5.6 5.7 6.1 6.5 6.7 6.7 7.1 7.8 8.8 10.2 11.3 13.1 14.3 14.5 14.1 12.8 11.5 10.3 9.4 8.5 8.4
General lane 5.5 5.6 5.7 6.1 6.5 6.7 7.8 9.1 11.7 14.2 17 19.3 23 22.7 22.5 22 19.1 15.8 13.2 11.8 9.9 9.2

The general traffic journey time increases rapidly from 7am, and by 8am the journey time is over 3 times as long as the travel time at 7am. The T3 lane is consistently much faster than the general lane - with a travel time saving of up to 10 minutes when travelling between 8am and 8:30am.

Depending on your work situation, changing your work time might not be an option, but many organisations are now encouraging ‘flexi-time’ options with their staff.

Auckland’s roads are only used to full capacity for 6% of the day.** So if more people avoided peak hour travelling, our roads would be much less congested. We call it ‘spreading the jam’.

†† Based on weekday travel in the normal lane during morning peak, versus travel outside peak. Herd Road intersection corner to Owen Road intersection.
** Based on two hours of peak time morning and night and taking into account school holiday periods.