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Auckland Transport

Bus Network

Reliable, frequent, connected.

The new, redesigned bus network, being consulted on now and implemented from 2015, will be simpler and more integrated, giving you access to more destinations across Auckland through better connections and, on key routes, a regular, frequent, all-day service. The network of frequent buses will be timetabled at least every 15 minutes from 7am to 7pm, seven days a week. They will be supported by a network of connector routes timetabled at least every 30 minutes along with local and peak services.

The simpler, connected bus network means:

  • Services at least every 15 minutes on the frequent network.
  • Easier to understand connections.
  • Access to more destination across Auckland.
  • Reduced waiting times.

We're upgrading bus interchanges across the network to provide comfortable, modern facilities.

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