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Auckland Transport

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Customer Experience Design Graduate


I was born in Taiwan, then moved to Christchurch New Zealand with my family when I was four years old. I moved to Auckland after I was offered the job at Auckland Transport. 

My studies

I studied at the University of Canterbury doing a double degree. I completed a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in International Business and Marketing and also a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Japanese and Chinese. 

My pathway

I came to Auckland Transport through the graduate program pathway, applying online through the job advertisements during my last year of study at the University of Canterbury. I completed my degree and joined Auckland Transport the following year.

My favourite part of Nga Kaihoe

I was new to Auckland when I started at Auckland Transport. It was so reassuring when I started that there would be 20 other people to lean on and become friends with. 

My opportunities

I am hard of hearing, so working with the National Foundation for Deaf and Hard of Hearing aligned with my interests and values. We put hearing kiosks into Auckland Transport’s lobby so that all employees could get a hearing test. We also ran other workshops around looking after your ear health.

My favourite Auckland Transport value

Auhuatanga - better bolder together. The work I do as the customer experience design space is very innovative and we are constantly designing new things and coming up with solutions.  

My advice for graduates to Ngā Kaihoe 

Keep being curious. Don’t be afraid to ask those silly questions.