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Shreesha Burli Ramesh

Engineering graduate

Shreesha - engineering graduate

I am from Karnataka in India. I moved to Auckland, New Zealand in 2019.

My studies

I am a civil engineer. I did my bachelor’s degree in engineering back in India. I then did my Master’s in construction management at the University of Auckland.

My pathway

I applied for AT like any other graduate through the online application process. There was no special or different process as an immigrant – I just had to let AT know that I was here on a student visa.

Why Auckland Transport?

Both my grandad and dad are civil engineers and my granddad worked for the government back in India. I could see the real impact their work had on the lives of people such as building a bridge and drastically reducing the commute time for people. I always aspired to do work like them - work that saved lives or made the lives of people better. AT is an organisation that helps me to meet those aspirations.  

My opportunities

Everything I am doing is for the first time in my life and I am learning so many new skills. The ‘Safe speeds’ programme and marae turnouts are closely aligned with my aspirations of saving lives and bettering people’s lives – it is for the good of the people.

My favourite AT value

Whanaungatanga – we connect. Everyone supports each other. It is the best part of my job as well – I don’t just turn up, do my job and then leave. I also get to connect with a lot of people.

My advice for new graduates to AT

It is good to be open and honest about your expectations and what you want. Your managers will help you find the path to achieve those goals.