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What if the reason I’m not taking the bus is a lie? A fable? A myth?! SOB!

There are a lot of myths about buses, they’re too slow, infrequent, even uncomfortable. And some poor deluded souls can’t even bring themselves to be seen on anything as ‘public’ as public transport! In reality most parts of the city have very regular bus services and there are plenty of  other good reasons to take the bus as well;

  • you can chill out and read, text, or fraternise with fellow passengers!
  • buses get to use priority bus lanes, so it’s often quicker getting into town on the bus, than sitting lonely and frustrated in your car
  • you can hang back and have a drink after work and have someone else drive you home
  • add to that the cost of parking in the city and, suddenly, taking the bus can seem like a very good idea indeed.

Despite this many commuters remain oblivious to the joys of a modern urban travel network that connects their neighbours seamlessly to the heart of the CBD. As the buses glide past their doorsteps at heart-breaking frequency. So, join the urban transport revolution like our super fashionable friends Janice and Rupert and experience life outside the car - take the bus instead!

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