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Auckland Transport

Walk month March

Every journey has a walking component and AT encourages walking as more than just a great way to get around your neighbourhood – it’s proven to benefit health, happiness, environment and the economy.

Auckland Walk Challenge

AT is running the Auckland Walk Challenge - a free challenge where participants get to walk the length of New Zealand online and compete for a range of great prizes.

Find out more about the Auckland Walk Challenge
walk to work

Walk to work

Enjoy the flexibility and independence of going car-free, arrive at work alert and relaxed, and get some 'me time' while you commute!

Beat the traffic in central Auckland
Kids walking games

Walking is a great way to connect with family and friends, it's excellent for exercise and fun for children too!

Find fun walking games to play


Auckland Transport conduct an annual survey to understand behaviours, attitudes and perceptions of different modes of travel, and to measure this over time.

Walking maps

Find featured walkways and maps to get around Auckland by foot.