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Auckland Transport

Will you be part of Auckland's future?

Applications for the 2019 AT Graduate Programme closed 15 June 2018.

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Working with AT

What's it like to work with us?

We asked our first ever intake of grads to talk about their experience with Auckland Transport. Here's what they had to say.

A day in the life of an AT grad

We asked three of our grads to share a day in their life – here’s what they came up with.

What we offer

  • A three-year programme.
  • Our business units where you can customise your career including Infrastructure, Finance, AT Metro, Business Technology, Transport Operations, Communications & Marketing, and Strategy & Investment.
  • Study while you work – we encourage professional development. Talk to us about how we can help you achieve your goals.
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Who we are and what we do

As one of six council-controlled organisations, Auckland Transport (AT) is the guardian of one of New Zealand’s highest-valued group of publicly held assets, worth $18.6 billion. We are responsible for building and maintaining all of the region’s transport services from public transport, roads and footpaths, to cycling and walking infrastructure. We deliver transport services to Auckland’s 1.6 million residents and visitors and plan transport infrastructure for a project population of 2.1 million by 2033. 

We build and manage most of Auckland’s public transport services, systems and facilities. Patronage continues to grow at unprecedented rates, with more than 91 million trips in the past year. We maintain more than 7,400 km of arterial and local roads – almost the equivalent of the distance between Auckland and Bali! We have specialist divisions that collaborate closely to save Aucklanders time and keep them moving as quickly, safely and efficiently as possible.

Our Infrastructure and Transport Operations teams build and enhance the landscape of Auckland. Our Metro team gives thousands of hours back to Aucklanders each year by keeping public transport on the move. Our Strategy and Investment, and Business Technology teams, forecast, plan, and guide our decisions for the future. Our Finance team ensures we run our major projects and day-to-day operations efficiently and responsibly. Our Communications and Marketing team provide the strategic framework to outline clear objectives and themes for all our partners and internal and external stakeholders.

Who we are looking for

Auckland Transport is looking for graduate students, people studying for diplomas and under-graduates with a wide range of backgrounds, centred in seven core disciplines: People & Safety; Finance; Communications; Transport Services; Transport Operations; Infrastructure; Business Technology; Strategy. Within these disciplines, candidates could come from a broad spectrum of degrees and institutions; we are looking to attract the best talent irrespective of their background.

We are after people who have strong problem solving and analytical skills, lead themselves to achieve and have a passion for helping make Auckland the best place it can be! So it is not just about your grades. Our past graduate hires come from various backgrounds; they may have some prior work experience, extra-curricular activities, achievements, sports or team experience, clubs, community or volunteering involvement, strong interpersonal skills and problem solving ability.

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You should be applying for AT’s Graduate Programme in your final year of university study. Applications for the 2019 intake closed 15 June 2018.

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Can you apply for two business divisions?

Yes. In the three years you will be with us, you will be rotating through different business units every six months. You get to choose the divisions you want to work in based on your interests.  It keeps things interesting for you and allows you to learn the basics of each division, provide you with the experience, insight and understanding to help you shape your future career.

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Can you apply if you've already graduated?

Yes. The programme is intended to provide you with a great start to your career journey. We are very open-minded about what this means.

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Are international students eligible?

You are required to provide evidence that you are legally entitled to work in New Zealand for the duration of the graduate role, which is three years. For more information on visa requirements, visit New Zealand Immigration.

What is included in the programme

Successful applicants will be part of a three-year programme that is designed to enable them to map a learning journey by rotating through a range of disciplines and divisions.
You will have a home base in one of our business units, but to keep things moving and interesting, you will rotate through other divisions every six months. This will give you the experience, insights, understanding and network to shape your career for the future.

In addition to the amazing learning and development opportunities you would expect, we will be encouraging you to get involved in the wider community and work for two week-long projects for not for profit partner organisations. We will also be supporting disadvantaged young people via a partnership with First Foundations, a charity set up to provide scholarships, mentoring and internships to talented students from low decile schools.

graphic showing list of jobs and AT business units

What support we provide

As part of the AT Early Career Programme, you are provided with a wide range of development support. AT’s dedicated Graduate and Cadet Development pathway includes external and internal learning and development opportunities, which are available to you throughout your Graduate and Cadetship tenure. In addition, our innovative social learning platform allows you to work with a wide array of expert mentors – you get to search and select the right mentor for you and get customised professional coaching advice.

We are also very supportive of our graduates gaining professional qualifications at every step of the way. If you would like to step up your learning in a certain area, we can give you the time and financial support you need. We know that if you are moving forward, we will be too.

Application process

  1. Submit application.
  2. Gamified testing.
  3. Assessment centre.
  4. Panel interview.
  5. Offer if successful.