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What we do with your feedback What we do with your feedback

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority and all employees of Auckland Transport and its service delivery partners play a role in delivering a high quality service. When we receive your feedback about the service we provide, we use it to make changes to the way we do things so you have a better experience with AT.

Providing your feedback

We collect compliments, suggestions and complaints from a number of different sources. Here's a few of the options you can use to provide feedback to Auckland Transport:

If you've had contact with us, we may get in touch with you about your experience to ensure that we're giving you the best service possible.  

Paying us a compliment

We love compliments! It's how we know we're getting things right and is a good way to ensure that we do more of that. When we receive compliments, we forward them on to the relevant team to let them know they've helped one of our customers.

Giving a suggestion

As customers of Auckland Transport, you know what customers like. We love getting suggestions and being able to act on them. Sometimes it may not happen straight away, but rest assured, your suggestions are passed on to the relevant teams and we consider each and every one.

If you request a response, we'll get back to you within 10 working days.

Requesting a service or information

If you request a service or information, we'll get back to you within 10 working days to let you know how we're handling your request.

Making a complaint

AT's complaint management model

Sometimes things don't go quite right and as a customer, you are dissatisfied with our service. Auckland Transport values all feedback and we're committed to learning from complaints and using the complaint and resolution to improve service delivery.

If we can't resolve your issue straight away, we kick off a formal complaint process that involves us investigating, taking action to resolve and responding to you. If you're still not satisfied, we have a process that allows for escalation of complaints of a more serious nature.

With all complaints, we aim to respond to each complaint within a set timeframe. However, issues that require more detailed investigation and action may take a bit longer. Complaints are monitored to ensure they are managed appropriately and responded to in a timely manner.

We will publish complaint information annually on our website.

What is a complaint?

A complaint is a specific expression of dissatisfaction with Auckland Transport, however made, whether justified or not.

The following are not classified as complaints:

  • An initial request for information.
  • A request for a service or provision of a service.
  • A request for information relating to AT policy or procedures.
  • A request for compensation.
  • A suggestion about our services, policy or procedures.
  • A request to waive an infringement notice.

How long will the response take to my complaint? - level one

If our front line staff aren't able to resolve your complaint on the spot, we will send your complaint to the relevant people and we'll respond within 10 working days with what we've done to resolve the issue you've experienced. If this timeframe can't be met, we'll let you know why and provide a new timeline. We class this as a level one complaint.

If you're still not happy - level two

If you're not happy with the response to your complaint, please respond with your case number and we'll get our dedicated customer liaison team to look into it further and they'll get back in touch within 5 working days to let you know the outcome of their investigation.

If we can't resolve the issue together - level three

If after working together to solve the issue you are still not happy with the outcome, you can contact the Office of the Ombudsman for an external review. This is classed as a level three complaint.