Auckland Transport

Carrington Rd, Pt Chevalier - Dual zebra crossing

Consultation status: closed 31 August 2017

Proposal reference: MCI1718-010

We are proposing to convert the existing Carrington Road zebra crossing near Sutherland Street into a dual cyclist/pedestrian crossing.

Our aim is to encourage more people to cycle or walk to the shops, to school or the train station, or simply for fun and exercise. We can achieve this through developing convenient, safe and attractive transport routes for walkers, cyclists and drivers and through creating safe crossings for people on bikes and for pedestrians.

The proposal includes the following changes:

  • Marking a cyclist crossing next to the pedestrian zebra crossing.
  • Speed cushions on the traffic lanes on the approaches to the crossing.
  • Ramps from the cycle lane to access the shared path and the crossing.
  • Relocation of the northbound bus stop.
  • Separators along the cycle lane next to the proposed speed cushions on Carrington Road.

Why the changes are needed

We are proposing to add a cycle crossing next to the existing zebra crossing on Carrington Road to provide people on bikes with a priority crossing, which they currently do not have when they are crossing on the zebra crossing. The crossing would be along the north-western cycleway route, which is one of the busiest cycle routes in Auckland.

Download the consultation drawing for Carrington Road (PDF 1MB)