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Eaglehurst Road, Ranier St, Laud Ave and Gavin Street, Ellerslie – local area traffic management

Consultation status: closed 13 December 2016 Feedback available.

Proposed changes:

  • Install new speed humps along Eaglehurst Road, Laud Avenue and Ranier Street.
  • Remove existing speed humps along Gavin Street.
  • Install new speed tables on Gavin Street at its intersections with Eaglehurst Road and Laud Avenue.
  • Remove the pram crossings on Gavin Street at its intersections with Eaglehurst Road and Laud Avenue and reinstate the footpaths.
  • Install new signage on Gavin Street, Eaglehurst Road, Laud Avenue and Ranier Street.

Why the changes are required

We have received numerous concerns about speeding drivers which have been confirmed by a Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) assessment of the three roads. These changes would improve the situation by encouraging drivers to slow down on the three roads.

Download the Eaglehurst Road, Ranier St, Laud Ave and Gavin Street consultation plans (PDF 6MB)


The proposal received mixed feedback with some concerns raised by respondents. After reviewing this feedback and all other supporting evidence, the proposal will proceed with changes to the next stage of detailed planning.

The changes to the proposal are:

The proposed improvements on Gavin Street will not be implemented, all other aspects of the scheme will remain the same as originally proposed.

Download the Eaglehurst Rd, Ranier St, Laud Ave and Gavin St updated consultation plan (PDF 192KB)

Specific feedback and proposed solution

There were various concerns that the speed humps should be replaced with speed tables and various requests for less speed humps on certain roads or speed humps to be moved to alternative locations

The installation of speed tables has been considered prior to this proposal, however due to budgetary constraints speed humps will be installed. Primarily because they are lower cost and enable speed calming to be undertaken on the approach to the intersection and along the entire street, whereas speed tables only reduce vehicle speeds at the intersection itself.

Generally, with proposed speed calming measures, we include the surrounding streets since installing speed calming measures on one road can shift any speeding issues to neighbouring streets.

The speed humps are positioned so that they are approximately 100m apart. Where this is not possible, the speed humps have been positioned as close as possible to this separation distance however there are further constraints such as proximity to drains and driveways which also determine the position of the speed humps. This spacing allows for the optimal number of speed humps to slow down speeding vehicles and mitigate the slight reduction in travel time.

A request to install a speed table at the intersection of Gavin Street and Wilkinson Road

The current proposal focuses on the intersection improvements of Gavin Street and Eaglehurst Road because the crash history at this location shows that there have been 3 crashes which can be attributed to driver speed.

Concern that speed tables will not sufficiently reduce vehicle speeds.

It is difficult to traverse a speed table beyond an operating speed of 50km/hr without damaging a vehicle or causing an uncomfortable ride for the drivers and passengers.

Request to widen Gavin Street

There are no future plans to widen Gavin Street. Additionally, drivers tend to travel faster on wide roads. When roads are narrowed by on street parking, there tends to be lower vehicle speeds.

Request to install either chicanes or traffic islands combined with road narrowing.

AT no longer install chicanes because of the high cost associated with implementation, the high number of on street parking space removal needed and the ongoing maintenance costs required. Compared with speed humps which achieves the same outcome for a fraction of the implementation and maintenance costs. Road narrowing and traffic islands are not suitable on streets where there are a high number of heavy industrial vehicles since these vehicles can damage the traffic islands and result in ongoing maintenance and replacement costs.

Request to install parking bays on Eaglehurst Road, Ranier Street and Laud Avenue.

AT do not install parking bays except in special circumstances and when there are no parking alternatives available.

Request to either install a speed camera or police the area to reduce vehicle speeds.

Speed cameras are generally used on roads where physical speed calming is not appropriate such as arterial roads and bus routes. An advantage of speed calming infrastructure is the reduction in the need for speed specific traffic enforcement.

Request to install safer speed signage only instead of the proposed changes as well as a request to install heavy vehicle specific signage

Although signage is an option, we have considered that physical infrastructure on the road is more effective in this case considering that there have been a high number of accidents on Eaglehurst Road. We can consider additional heavy vehicle specific signage to slow these vehicles down however, the speed humps have an advisory speed of 25 km/hr and even though these vehicles are larger, they will still have to slow down to traverse the speed hump.

Concerns that heavy goods vehicles do not obey the current restrictions, concerns that they should be banned from Gavin Street and confusion on whether the restrictions will remain in place after this proposal.

There is an existing 'goodwill agreement' between the residents and some of the commercial operators to the eastern side of Gavin Street. It is uncommon for AT to ban a certain vehicle class from using a public road except when the road is unable to support a certain vehicle, such as weight and height restrictions on bridges. Due to the ‘goodwill agreement’ being a voluntary agreement between the council and the surrounding commercial operators these restrictions cannot be enforced. AT believes the current agreement is an effective solution at this stage and therefore it will remain in place.

Request to install height clearance bars at the residential access to Gavin Street from Wilkinson Road.

It is uncommon for AT to discriminate the use of a specific class of vehicles on a public road.  Moreover, such restriction is commonly difficult to maintain and/or enforce.  At this stage AT does not believe that a height or length restriction is an appropriate solution for Gavin Street.

Concern that the existing pedestrian crossings on Eaglehurst Rd/Gavin St will be moved.

The existing pedestrian crossings will remain in their current locations.

Request to install pram crossings on Gavin Street

New pram crossings are usually provided where there is a high pedestrian demand or near intersections. There are pram crossings across most streets in the area near to the intersections and therefore additional pram crossings are not part of this proposal.

Request to install additional No Stopping at All Times restrictions on Gavin Street and Eaglehurst Road

No Stopping at All Times restrictions aren’t installed unless there is a safety issue caused by on street parking. The installation of these restrictions tends to increase vehicle speeds because the road width increases. Due to these reasons, additional restrictions are not planned at this stage.

Request for additional works including a request for a cycle lane on Gavin Street, a request for traffic lights and a request for centre line marking on Eaglehurst Road

If you would like your request to be considered by AT for future development works, contact us to provide feedback or report a problem

Next steps

We expect to introduce this work by June 2018, subject to any further changes in design or funding issues.

Contractors will issue 48-hour notice to all affected residents prior to construction work.