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North Auckland

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  • Wayby Station Road in Wellsford is open to one lane.
  • Wellsford Valley Road in Wellsford is open to one lane.
  • Whangaripo Valley Road is CLOSED in Wellsford, due to flooding.
  • Wayby Valley Road is CLOSED in Wellsford, due to flooding.
  • Falls Road is CLOSED in Warkworth, due to flooding.

Please take extra care and drive to the conditions.

West Auckland

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Auckland Transport

Eden Cres, Auckland CBD - Loading zone Eden Cres, Auckland CBD - Loading zone

Consultation status: closed 19 May 2017

We are seeking feedback on a proposal to install a 20 meter long P5 (five-minute parking) Loading zone parking for goods vehicles only outside 10 Eden Crescent. The P5 parking restriction Loading zone (for goods vehicles) would apply at all times.

Why the changes are needed

The property at 10 Eden Crescent will become a 5-star boutique hotel and the requirement for loading and unloading will increase. A P5 loading zone will encourage faster turnover in an area with high parking demand.

The proposed loading zone will also service the nearby residential apartments and Auckland University Law Faculty. 

Download the consultation drawing for Eden Terrace (PDF 347KB).


The proposal received mixed feedback with some concerns raised by respondents. After reviewing this feedback and all other supporting evidence, the proposal will proceed with changes to the next stage of detailed planning. After consideration of comments and feedback received during consultation, AT have decided to remove the ‘Goods Vehicles Only’ designation for this proposal and also shorten the length to 11 metres.

Specific feedback and proposed solution

  • Removal of parking on Eden Crescent will have a major impact on university student/staff/visitors and the proposed length is too long.
    In light of the feedback received the length of the proposed loading zone will be shortened to 11 metres. AT does not anticipate parking being an issue however if there are complaints this can be reviewed and could possibly revert back to its current situation.

  • This will cause more noise in a residential area, especially as its ‘at all times’.
    AT is unable to provide further information in regards to noise levels as the loading zone is not operational. Provide feedback here in regards to any noise issues that may occur once operational.

  • Why has the hotel not planned for this? It will now take away public/residential parking.
    AT has limited information of planning requirements as per the Auckland Unitary Plan, therefore for more information customers should contact Auckland Council Planning department who may be able to assist.

  • Will there be a limit of the size of truck allowed?
    There is no limit on the size of truck that can use the loading zone, apart from the length of the zone itself which is 11 metres.

  • There is no need for two loading zones to be opposite one another.
    With two hotels and other businesses at this location AT feels there is sufficient demand for the two loading zones.

  • Why make this ‘at all times’ for something that is only required for a short amount of time during business hours 8am-5pm? Also, P5 is not long enough for a delivery.
    The hotel business hours are not limited to 8am-5pm and therefore the parking restrictions are required ‘at all times’. Vehicles are able to stay for longer than 5 minutes provided they are clearly observed to be in the act of loading and unloading passengers, goods etc.

  • Why ‘Goods Vehicles Only’? This should benefit residents and the hotels to load and unload passengers.
    In response to feedback received the ‘Goods Vehicles Only’ designation for this proposal has been removed.

  • Will the loading zone be policed? As well as stopping vehicles driving/parking on the footpath and blocking building access ways.
    The loading zone, along with other parking issues, are enforced by AT Parking Compliance that patrol the area. If vehicles are blocking a vehicle entrance, then customers can call Auckland Transport on (09) 355 3553 to request enforcement.

  • Request for additional works that fall outside of scope of the project include resident permitting, removal of broken yellow lines and white lines for crossing points etc.
    If you would like your request to be considered by AT for future development works, provide feedback here.

Next steps

We expect to introduce this work in the 2017/18 financial year (starting in July 2017), subject to any further changes in design or funding issues. Contractors will issue 48-hour notice to all affected residents prior to construction work.