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North Auckland

  • Tomorata Valley Road open.
  • Waiteitei Road in Wellsford open.
  • Old Kaipara Road open.
  • Old Woodcocks Road open.
  • Kaipara Flats Road open.
  • Wayby Station Road in Wellsford is open to one lane.
  • Wellsford Valley Road in Wellsford is open to one lane.
  • Whangaripo Valley Road is CLOSED in Wellsford, due to flooding.
  • Wayby Valley Road is CLOSED in Wellsford, due to flooding.
  • Falls Road is CLOSED in Warkworth, due to flooding.

Please take extra care and drive to the conditions.

West Auckland

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Central Auckland

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East Auckland

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South Auckland

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Auckland Transport

Hendry Avenue, Hillsborough – Broken yellow lines Hendry Avenue, Hillsborough – Broken yellow lines

Consultation status: closed 25 July 2017

Proposal reference: BYL-140

We will install 'no stopping at all times' restrictions (broken yellow lines) on the approach and departure to the vertical curve on Hendry Avenue, Hillsborough.

Why the changes are needed

Vehicles are currently parking on the approach to and departure from the vertical curve. Visibility is reduced and motorists find it difficult to exit from their driveways safely, therefore removing parking at this location can be a great benefit.

Download the consultation drawing for Hendry Avenue (PDF 421KB)


The proposal received positive feedback with some concerns raised by respondents. After reviewing this feedback and all other supporting evidence, the proposal will proceed without changes to the next stage of detailed planning.

Specific feedback and proposed solution

  • Request to extend proposed broken yellow lines past no. 85 Hendry Ave to prevent parking and ensure driver and cyclist safety. These extensions will not be incorporated. The current proposal minimises the removal of on-street parking while ensuring driver safety on the approach to and departure from the rise (vertical curve) on Hendry Ave. AT is concerned that any further removal of parking from this section of the road would lead to vehicles travelling at higher speeds on the departure from the rise.
  • Request for long-term measures to address an increase in traffic along Hendry Ave. Residents note that this road is being used as a frequent through route to Hillsborough Rd and Onehunga. There is a concern that the No Exit signposting on Hendry Ave is not deterring this through route traffic. Hendry Ave is an important part of the road network that connects to Queenstown Road and Kelsey Crescent. It accommodates approximately 1800 vehicles per day, which is similar to other local roads. Existing traffic calming measures (speed humps) are considered to be successful in reducing vehicle speeds and discouraging a greater volume of through traffic. At this stage, no further changes will be made to the avenue.
  • Concern for the loss of on-street parking, which is already limited on Hendry Ave. While the proposal aims to minimise parking loss, the installation of broken yellow lines is still required to ensure driver safety approaching the rise (vertical curve). Presently, drivers need to cross the centre-line when cars are parked on both sides of the road and lack adequate visibility to do so safely.
  • A suggestion to install angled carparks in the reserve for the use of residents only. It is not possible to establish parking for residents only in this public reserve. The current proposal addresses the rise (vertical curve) on Hendry Ave and aims to balance the loss of parking with on-road safety requirements.
  • Request for out of scope works include a suggestion that that Hendry Ave could be widened on the motorway side to accommodate proposed changes. The land next to the motorway is owned by the New Zealand Transport Agency. Please contact NZ Transport Agency with your suggestions.

Next steps

We expect to introduce this work in the 2017/18 financial year (starting in July 2017), subject to any further changes in design or funding issues.

Contractors will notify all residents in the area prior to starting construction work.