Jervois Rd, Auckland Central - Electronic message sign Jervois Rd, Auckland Central - Electronic message sign

Consultation status: closed 30 January 2018, last updated 12 May 2020.

Proposal reference: VMS007-1

We proposed to install an electronic variable message sign on Jervois Road.

Download the consultation drawing for Jervois Road (PDF 1MB)

This sign would help improve event management and incident management capabilities across Auckland's road network and it will offer real-time travel updates therefore providing a better experience for road users.

Proposal update May 2020

In February 2018 we invited community feedback on our proposal to install an electronic message sign on Jervois Road. At that time in 2018, we advised of a planned installation date of July 2018, which did not occur.

This installation is now going ahead, with some changes to the design.

Design changes

The electronic message sign is being re-positioned from the outer edge of the footpath to the inside, adjacent to 105 – 107 Jervois Road. This is in order to be closer to the power source on the corner of Jervois Road and Hamilton Road.


These works are now scheduled for June 2020. The delay in the construction date was caused by an issue with supply and shipment of the signs. We now have these signs available for installation.

Download the updated drawing for Jervois Road (PDF 290KB)