Auckland Transport

Judges Bay Road, near Parnell Pools - parking changes

Consultation status: closed 9 September 2016

Parking demand along Judges Bay Road increases during the summer months as more people visit the Parnell Pools. The current parking arrangements can not accommodate this demand which leads to dangerous parking and reduced access on narrow sections of the road.

Following numerous complaints from neighbours and pool users, Auckland Transport (AT) along with Auckland Council and Parnell Bath management have developed a draft parking plan to address these issues. The Waitemata Local Board has also reviewed this plan and agrees with the recommendations. 

AT proposed:

  • Installing “No stopping at all times” restriction zones on both sides of Judges Bay Road.
  • Installing P180 (three hour time limit) parking zones that operates between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Sunday.
  • Installing a P180 (three hour time limit) mobility permit holders zone, for parking at all times.
  • Introducing angle parking to sections of Judges Bay Road.
  • Installing "Narrow road - share with care" signs.

Download the proposed Judges Bay Road parking plan (PDF 476KB)

Feedback results

Feedback received supported the proposal to implement a P180 parking zone and other controls between the toilets on Judges Bay Road and Parnell Pools. A number of other issues were also raised which while being out of scope of this proposal AT wishes to address:

  • Can AT also consider restricting the parking on Judges Bay Road between the public toilets and Gladstone Road ?
    AT will be consulting on a wider parking zone for the area later in the year. This will help in addressing any displacement of parking from Parnell Pools and also all day parking thereby creating parking availability for short term visits and for residents.
  • Parking should only be permitted on one side of Judges Bay Road.
    AT consulted separately on a proposal to install No Stopping At All Times road markings on parts of Judges Bay Road towards the junction with Bridgewater Road which will provide a safer environment. AT will also be consulting on a proposal for a parking zone later in the year which will limit the ability of vehicles to remain parked all day. This will mean that less vehicles are parked on Judges Bay Road which will also help to provide a safer environment.

In light of the feedback received AT recommends that the proposal for the parking changes on Judges Bay Road move on to the next stage of the process.