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Keppell St, Grey Lynn - No stopping restrictions Keppell St, Grey Lynn - No stopping restrictions

Consultation status: closed 21 June 2017

We are proposing to install No stopping at all times restrictions (broken yellow lines) opposite the driveway of 17 Keppell Street, Grey Lynn.

Why the changes are needed

There are accessibility issues for cars exiting the driveway of 17 Keppell St and when vehicles are parked opposite the driveway it is difficult for cars to turn out of the property.

Download the consultation drawing for Keppell Street (PDF 350KB)


The proposal received mixed feedback with some concerns raised by respondents. After reviewing this feedback and all other supporting evidence, the proposal will proceed without changes to the next stage of detailed planning.

Specific feedback and proposed solution

  • Vehicles are also parking on the footpath where the broken yellow lines are proposed, making travelling with prams extremely difficult.
    The broken yellow lines should stop vehicles parking on the footpath where they are proposed but should you see vehicles parked on the footpath you can call parking enforcement on (09) 355 3553.
  • This proposal will make the current situation much worse, residents will have to park much further away from their house than they do already.
    We understand the demand for parking in the area but need to achieve a balance between accessibility and parking. The area where the broken yellow lines are proposed is too narrow for cars to park either side and allow emergency vehicles to pass.
  • Resident only parking should be installed to stop people parking and then commuting into the city.
    AT no longer installs ‘Residents Only’ parking and instead installs time restricted areas with residents exempt passes available for residents to purchase. We do not propose these individual residential parking restrictions on specific roads as we have done in the past, but instead have moved to a zone approach which covers a wider geographic area.

    At this stage, we are completing a proposal for Ponsonby and consulting on a scheme for Parnell and Grafton. However, the Grey Lynn area does not fall into our programme for the next 12 months and are unable to tell you how the requests in this area will progress.

Next steps

We expect to introduce this work by the end of 2017, subject to any further changes in design or funding issues. Contractors will issue 48-hour notice to all affected residents prior to construction work.