Auckland Transport

Meadowbank Rd and Manapau St - intersection upgrade

Consultation status: closed 16 December 2016

We are seeking feedback on a proposal to upgrade the intersection of Meadowbank Road and Manapau Street in Meadowbank.

We propose to:

  • Narrow the current intersection.
  • Add a pedestrian refuge island.
  • Add pedestrian pram crossings.
  • Add No stopping at all times restrictions (broken yellow lines) on both sides of Manapau Street and on Meadowbank Road opposite the intersection.

We have received concerns about vehicles driving at high speeds in and out of this intersection. The proposed measures will narrow the intersection, lowering driving speed and improving accessibility for pedestrians.  

Download the updated consultation drawing for the Meadowbank Road and Manapau Street intersection (PDF 733KB)


Thank you everyone for your feedback.

The proposal received mixed feedback with some concerns raised by respondents. After reviewing this feedback and all other supporting evidence, the proposal will proceed as originally proposed with minor changes to the proposed road marking; namely the extension of the No stopping at all times restrictions shown in the updated plan.

Specific feedback and proposed solution

  • Request that a pedestrian crossing be installed across Meadowbank Road. A pedestrian crossing across Meadowbank Road is outside the scope of this proposal but will be considered as a future project in the minor improvements programme.
  • Concerns that narrowing the intersection will impede buses that may service the train station in the future. AT Metro are supportive of this project and have advised that as part of the proposed new network, they may consider an extension of the proposed bus services to the train station, however this is still under investigation.
  • A suggestion that the 'Give-Way' junction should be changed to a 'STOP' junction. A 'STOP' controlled intersection is usually installed when drivers have to approach an intersection at speeds less than 10 km/hr because of the road curvature restricting visibility. This is the case on roads with a curve or a crest on the approach to an intersection. At the Meadowbank Rd/Manapau St intersection, the visibility is greater than 55m on the southern approach to the intersection on Manapau Rd, therefore controlling the intersection with a 'STOP' control is not warranted.
  • A concern that this proposal will not address vehicles speeding down Manapau Street and that speed humps should be placed along the street. Site observations show that during the day, speeds are generally low along Manapau Rd, especially when on street parking is fully utilised. The proposal supports lower speeds from Manapau St onto Meadowbank Rd since the current intersection layout encourages entering and exiting the intersection at speed.
  • A suggestion that the No stopping at all times restrictions should be extended further to improve visibility. We will consider extending the broken yellow lines on the eastern side of Manapau Rd outside No. 1 to increase the visibility of/for pedestrians standing at the northeast corner of the intersection.These restrictions will be extended only to increase visibility since these parking restrictions can have an adverse impact on speeds by increasing the available lane width for a driver. Parked vehicles have been known to have a pseudo speed calming effect on driver speed.

Next stage

We expect to introduce this work by June 2018, subject to any further changes in design or funding issues. Contractors will issue a 48-hour notice to all residents in the area prior to starting construction work.