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Auckland Transport

Mt Albert Town Centre parking

Consultation status: closed 9 May 2017

As part of the Mt Albert Town Centre upgrade, we are proposing changes to the current parking arrangement in the town centre. We are seeking feedback on our proposed parking plan. 

Our proposed parking changes include:

  • 30-minute parking throughout the town centre.
  • 120-minute (2 hour) parking in the carpark at 984 New North Road.
  • 60-minute (1 hour) parking at the northern end of the town centre.
  • Moving accessible parking off the main road, and into the carpark at 984 New North Road.
  • Loading zones on the eastern and western sides of New North Road. 
  • Bus stops on New North Road will remain, with the north-eastern bus stop moved further north. 

Why the changes are needed

A lot of people currently park in Mt Albert all day. Adding time-limited parking restrictions will increase the number of people who can come into the town centre to shop and dine. 

Additional benefits include:

  • Parking that is easier for drivers to understand.
  • Less clutter of signs on footpaths.
  • Moving accessible carparks off the road and into the carpark at 984 New North Road will improve safety and increase space for motorists entering and exiting their vehicles.
  • A new signalised pedestrian crossing being installed outside the carpark will improve access between the carpark and town centre. 

Download the consultation drawing for Mt Albert Town Centre parking changes (PDF 197KB) 

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