Auckland Transport

New North Rd & Mount Eden Rd, Eden Terrace - Proposed tariff change notification

We are proposing a change in the paid parking tariff to $1 for each of the first two hours and then $2 for each subsequent hour for New North Road and Mount Eden Road.

Why the changes are needed

We have received complaints from local businesses regarding the lack of on-street parking on the above roads. The lack of availability is having an adverse effect on their businesses as their customers have no parking options. The on-street parking on New North Road and Mount Eden Road has paid parking with no time limits and a tariff of $1 per hour operating Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm.

We undertook a parking occupancy survey with the following results:

  • Mount Eden Road Peak occupancy 96% with 33% of vehicles parked longer than 2 hours.
  • New North Road Peak occupancy 94% with 48% of vehicles parked longer than 2 hours.

The Auckland Parking Strategy views peak occupancy of greater than 85% as a trigger point for considering change. Therefore these changes are a result of the survey results and in line with the notification process set out in the Auckland parking strategy.

Download the drawing for New North Road & Mount Eden Road (PDF 415KB)