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Auckland Transport

Onehunga Safer Communities programme

Consultation status: open until 16 March

We are seeking feedback from the Onehunga community on multiple projects as part of our Safer Communities programme.

In Onehunga, we are seeking feedback on potential improvements across four locations:

Site 1 - Gerrard Beeson Place

There is a high number of pedestrians walking along Gerrard Beeson Place between the car park and Arthur Street. 

To make walking safer for all pedestrians (including students of the nearby school) we propose to:

  • Install a footpath and retaining wall outside 123 - 127 Arthur Street.
  • Install pram crossings.
  • Upgrade road markings and signs.
  • Widen the footpath to 1.8 meters.

Download the consultation plans:

Give your feedback on Gerrard Beeson Place

Site 2 - Selwyn Street - Arthur Street intersection

Vehicles on Selwyn Street often travel at high speed as they approach the pedestrian crossing at the Arthur Street intersection. 

To reduce vehicle speed and improve the pedestrian crossing points on both Selwyn Street and Arthur Street we propose to:

  • Install a new pedestrian refuge island and pram crossings on Selwyn Street.
  • Add a new kerb extension and grassed berm on the eastern side of Selwyn Street.
  • Upgrading the existing crossings and installing new a footpath and kerb at the intersection.
  • Install a new "SLOW" road marking with a red surface.
  • Upgrade the flush median and no stopping at all times road marking (broken yellow lines).
  • Reconstruct the kerb and footpath on Arthur Street.
  • Install new pram crossings on Arthur Street.
  • Install edge lines at the corner to enhance visibility.

Download the consultation plans:

Give your feedback on Gerrard Beeson Place

Site 3 - Church Street

Vehicles often queue across the pedestrian crossing outside St Joseph's School on Church Street, especially during peak school times. 

To upgrade this crossing and improve visibility for both pedestrians and drivers we propose to:

  • Upgrade and widen the existing zebra crossing.
  • Install a new flush median and yellow "KEEP CLEAR" road markings.
  • Relocate and rebuild the existing pram crossing.
  • Install new no stopping at all times restrictions - this will remove one car parking space.
  • Trim nearby trees to improve visibility around the crossing. 

Download the consultation plans:

Give your feedback on Church Street

Site 4 - Beachcroft Avenue - Arthur Street intersection

The pedestrian crossing near the intersection of Beachcroft Avenue and Arthur Street is a busy one, especially during school peak times with many pedestrians (including school students) using it to cross the road.

The angle of Beachcroft Avenue makes it difficult for drivers to see the crossing as they approach it which makes crossing less safe. 

In order to slow drivers down and warn them of the upcoming intersection, as well as increase safety for drivers and pedestrians, we propose to:

  • Add new "SLOW" road markings on a red surface.
  • Replace the existing signage with new "PEDESTRIAN" warning signs (that include flashing lights).

Download the consultation plans:

Give your feedback on Beachcroft Avenue

If you would like to post in your feedback, download and print our feedback form template, fill in your details and send it freepost using the address details on the form.

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