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Pah Rd & Selwyn Rd, Epsom - Intersection upgrade Pah Rd & Selwyn Rd, Epsom - Intersection upgrade

Consultation status: closed 28 August 2017

Proposal reference: RTV-066

We are no longer proposing to upgrade the intersection of Pah Road and Selwyn Road in Epsom. Changes would have included:

  • Installing traffic lights and signalised pedestrian crossings.
  • Installing pram crossings and tactile pavers on footpaths leading to the intersection.
  • Marking new on-road cycle stop boxes.
  • Modifying the southbound T3 lane on Pah Rd.
  • Removing the raised traffic island on Selwyn Rd.
  • Trimming trees where necessary to improve visibility of new traffic signals.

Why the changes are needed

We are responding to local requests to address the safety and efficiency of right turn movements at this intersection. We propose to install traffic signals, pedestrian crossings and cycle stop box facilities that will improve the intersection for all modes of travel.

Download the consultation drawing for Pah Road & Selwyn Road (PDF 2MB)


The proposal received mixed feedback with some concerns raised by respondents. After reviewing this feedback and all other supporting evidence, AT will not be proceeding with this proposal at this point in time. We will conduct further studies in assessing the need to install traffic signals at this intersection after a noticeable reduction in traffic congestion on Pah Rd following the opening of the Waterview Tunnel.

Specific feedback

  • Concern that the proposed intersection upgrade is no longer necessary after the opening of the Waterview Tunnel, including suggestions that the installation of traffic signals will disrupt the flow of traffic along Pah Rd. Respondents suggested alternatives to signalisation, including prohibiting right turns into Selwyn Rd during peak hours and the restoration of the median strip on Pah Rd. Please refer to feedback above regarding our decision not to proceed with the proposal to signalise the intersection at this point in time.
  • Requests to modify the design of the proposed intersection upgrade included:
    • Requests to install a northbound lead-in cycle lane and establish level limit lines for cars in both lanes.
    • Requests for information on how to correctly enter and exit driveways within the intersection.
    • Concerns regarding the termination and resumption of the T3 lane on Pah Rd.
    • Requests for an additional left turning lane on Selwyn Rd, including a suggestion to reduce the northern berm of this road and remove the tree to accommodate this extra lane.
    • Requests to modify parking on Selwyn Rd approaching the intersection with Pah Rd. Should further studies show that this intersection requires signalisation, these requests and concerns will be addressed in the detailed design phase. All feedback received as part of this consultation process will be reconsidered if signalisation is required.
  • Concern for the presence of trucks on Selwyn Rd, including safety, vibration and noise issues. Respondents were greatly concerned for the safety of pedestrians, drivers and cyclists where trucks were reported to take a wide berth, cross or block traffic lanes, mount the southern kerb and trample flexi-posts when turning from Pah Rd into Selwyn Rd. Respondents requested additional protections for pedestrians, including the installation of metal railings to prevent trucks mounting the kerb. Some respondents also requested that trucks be prohibited from using Selwyn Rd. We acknowledge the safety and amenity concerns on Selwyn Rd regarding the movements of trucks. Last year, we narrowed the entrance to Selwyn Rd and installed a refuge island to discourage truck access and improve pedestrian safety as a response to these concerns. The installation of metal railings is not preferred as they can be hazardous to traffic. An alternative flexi-post treatment was deemed more appropriate and was installed at the intersection.
    We have also started conversations with the freight association to discourage and limit their members using Selwyn Rd as a regular route. Since the opening of the Waterview Tunnel, our traffic surveys show that trucks turning into Selwyn Rd have significantly decreased compared with 2016, with an average of 5 trucks per hour in AM traffic peak and 1.5 trucks per hour in PM traffic peak. We will continue to monitor these volumes as part of further studies to determine the need to signalise this intersection.
  • Requests to remove the T3 lane or convert the T3 lane to a T2 lane to aid the flow of traffic on Pah Rd. The purpose of the T3 lanes is to prioritise public transport and higher occupancy vehicle movements and to promote bus patronage and carpooling in peak periods. Our surveys show that the T3 lanes are currently well utilised and a conversion to T2 lanes would diminish their effectiveness and result in additional delays for higher occupancy vehicles.

Next steps

We will not be proceeding with this proposal at this stage.