Auckland Transport

Pah Rd & Selwyn Rd, Epsom - Intersection upgrade

Consultation status: closed 28 August 2017

Proposal reference: RTV-066

We are proposing to upgrade the intersection of Pah Road and Selwyn Road in Epsom. Changes include:

  • Installing traffic lights and signalised pedestrian crossings.
  • Installing pram crossings and tactile pavers on footpaths leading to the intersection.
  • Marking new on-road cycle stop boxes.
  • Modifying the southbound T3 lane on Pah Rd.
  • Removing the raised traffic island on Selwyn Rd.
  • Trimming trees where necessary to improve visibility of new traffic signals.

Why the changes are needed

We are responding to local requests to address the safety and efficiency of right turn movements at this intersection. We propose to install traffic signals, pedestrian crossings and cycle stop box facilities that will improve the intersection for all modes of travel.

Download the consultation drawing for Pah Road & Selwyn Road (PDF 2MB)