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Richmond Rd, West Lynn - Parking restrictions Richmond Rd, West Lynn - Parking restrictions

Consultation status: closed 10 August 2017.

We are proposing changes to parking restrictions in the West Lynn shopping area along Richmond Road, creating a 60-minute parking zone with 120-minute restrictions on some side streets.

Hours of operation

  • The P60 zone would operate Monday to Sunday, 8am to 6pm.
  • The P120 zones would apply Monday to Saturday, 8am to 6pm.


The zone would be signposted “P60 Zone Begins” and “P60 Zone Ends” at the entry and exit point with “P60 zone” repeater signs at less than 200-metre intervals. 

Other varying restrictions within the zone (including bus stops, mobility parking and loading zones) would be indicated by signs and road markings.

Why the changes are needed

There are currently 10 different time restrictions in the West Lynn shopping area (not including mobility parks and loading zones).

The wide variation of parking restrictions and different of times of operation can be confusing and requires a large number of parking signs, cluttering a relatively small section of road.

This is an opportunity to simplify parking restrictions as part of the wider works.Where possible, the new signs will be mounted on lighting or power poles further eliminating footpath clutter, helping pedestrian flow, and providing a safer walking environment.

Download a map of the proposed parking restriction areas on Richmond Rd (PDF 171KB)