Auckland Transport

St Lukes - Mid-block crossing

Consultation status: closed 30 September 2016

We invited feedback on a proposal to install a new signalised pedestrian crossing on St Lukes Road. As this area is a school zone, with high pedestrian use and traffic volume, a pedestrian crossing will improve pedestrian safety in the area.

We proposed:

  • A new signalised pedestrian crossing, including pram crossings with warning and directional tactile pavers.
  • Installing new traffic limit lines.
  • Installing new road signage.
  • Filling the existing pedestrian refuge in the traffic island.

View the St Lukes mid-block crossing plan (PDF 4MB)


Thank you everyone for your feedback.

Specific feedback and proposed solution

  • Enquiry whether this proposal would greatly increase congestion in the area. There has been a significant growth with both the pedestrian and vehicular flow at this location in recent years and the current pedestrian crossing facility is becoming less safe. A child has been seriously injured last year when attempting to cross at this location. The proposed signalised mid-block crossing would only be activated when a pedestrian is present. Therefore, the expected impact of this proposal on the traffic operation efficiency would be minimal and the safety of pedestrians would be maximised.
  • Request that there be an over bridge instead. The current road reserves do not provide sufficient space to install an overbridge to ensure accessibility for all pedestrians on foot or wheels. To achieve this would require substantial cost and the benefits would be outweighed by the cost.
  • Suggestion to direct pedestrians to existing crossings with signs and barriers instead. Directing pedestrians to existing crossings with signs and barriers is not feasible. The reason is that the driveway accessibility along this section of the road needs to be maintained. With the existing crossing facilities situated at more than 200m away from the proposed crossing location – which is also the pedestrian crossing desire line – pedestrians would be likely to use the driveways as a crossing point rather than walking to these existing facilities. Due to the high traffic volume and the lack of infrastructure for pedestrians to wait in the centre of the road, encouraging pedestrians to cross at the driveway is unsafe and would make the situation worse. Therefore, having a control mid-block crossing would ensure that pedestrian can cross this road in a safe manner.
  • Suggestion that the crossing be a shared cyclist and pedestrian crossing. The current footpath on St Lukes Road is not shared for both cyclists and pedestrians. Therefore, creating a dual crossing facility is not appropriate at this stage. However, cyclists can still choose to use this crossing facility if they dismount from their bicycles. If future cycling facility are proposed on St Lukes Road, this signalised crossing could be reassessed for a dual-cyclist and pedestrian crossing.
  • Request that the crossing be where the island already is to save time and money. This option has been investigated cannot proceed because the islands do not have sufficient width to fit signal poles. The islands would also likely be confusing to pedestrians as they might mistake them for a two-stage crossing.

Next stage

We’ve taken all feedback into consideration and the implementation of this proposal is subject to a further prioritisation process which takes into account the overall road safety and improvement programme in the Auckland region.

Every year we have an allocated budget to deliver a number of projects across the region. Due to funding constraints, not all projects which have undergone detailed planning can be constructed in one year and therefore have to be deferred.

We will provide an update for this proposal as soon as further information is available. 

If you have any questions or require any further information, please contact us on (09) 448 7625 between 8:30am and 5:00pm.