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Auckland Transport

St Lukes Road, Mt Albert - Cycle Lane Improvements

Consultation status: closed 10 February 2017

We are proposing the following changes:

  • Updating the road markings and signage of the existing northbound and southbound cycle lanes between Asquith Avenue and Duncan MacLean Link.
  • Installing rubber kerbs with reflective posts to physically protect people in the existing cycle lanes from adjacent traffic between Asquith Avenue and Duncan Maclean Link.

Why the changes are needed

The proposed enhanced cycle lanes will provide people on bikes a more comfortable and protected ride adjacent to traffic, allowing more people to ride on St. Lukes Road and to connect with the Northwestern cycleway.

Additionally, the existing northbound cycle lane is often encroached by queuing vehicles waiting to access the westbound motorway, creating safety concerns and impeding proper use of the cycle lane for people on bikes. 

How vehicular traffic will be affected

The peak hour northbound queues on St Lukes Road are a result of the westbound motorway on-ramp (ramp metering) traffic lights in the evening peak period, and the traffic lights at the Great North Road intersection in the morning peak period.

The proposal will address illegal use of the cycle lane by motor vehicles, requiring northbound traffic to remain in a single queue for a short extra length than currently during the peak periods. Once the road widens near Duncan Maclean Link drivers will be able to access the extra marked traffic lanes that are already present, and where no changes to the traffic lanes or traffic light timings are proposed.

The Northwestern cycleway is already serving up to a thousand cycle trips per day, which with safer connections can allow even more people to travel to the city centre by bike, helping reduce car usage and congestion over time.

Download the consultation plans for St Lukes Road (PDF 2.8MB)