Tamaki Dr, Kohimarama - Proposed pedestrian refuge Tamaki Dr, Kohimarama - Proposed pedestrian refuge

Consultation status: closed 13 February 2018

Proposal reference: MIP1718-021

We are proposing to install a pedestrian crossing facility outside 197 Tamaki Drive including a pedestrian refuge, associated crossings, shortening of the existing bus stops, and limited 'No Stopping at All Times' (NSAATs) parking restrictions.

View the consultation drawing for Tamaki Drive (PDF 487KB) 

Why the changes are needed

There is high pedestrian demand for a crossing facility at this location and the proposal supports pedestrian connectivity for bus patrons. We are proposing to shorten the existing bus stops to comply with our code of practice and in order to provide adequate sight distance for pedestrians waiting at the crossing. The broken yellow lines on either side of the crossing facility will support the sight distance for pedestrians using the crossing.


The proposal received positive feedback with some concerns raised by respondents. After reviewing this feedback and all other supporting evidence, the proposal will proceed without changes to the next stage of detailed planning.

Specific feedback

  • Feels that the proposed location is not suitable. We considered the location suggested as an alternative option for the crossing at concept stage of this proposal, however unfortunately, there were found to be intersection visibility constraints with having the crossing to the west of the intersection. Additionally, we have observed that crossings to the west of the intersection can have issues, drivers turning left out of the side road can be preoccupied with searching for a gap in the traffic and aren’t aware of pedestrians until very close to the crossing. The location chosen is the safest point for pedestrians to cross the road.
  • Request for the crossing to be a zebra crossing instead. We considered the feasibility of a zebra crossing, but it was found that pedestrian numbers are too low to warrant a zebra crossing at this time. The underlying concept behind this requirement is that unless the crossing facility is well used by pedestrians, drivers will not expect pedestrians at the location and their awareness and attention of the pedestrian crossing will decrease. The proposed crossing is a pedestrian refuge where drivers have the right of way and pedestrians must wait until there is a gap in the stream of traffic before crossing the road.
  • Concerns about the safety implications for a refuge island for cyclists. The lane width between the traffic islands is 4.6 metres in the westbound lane and 4.7 metres in the eastbound lane, which is sufficient space for cyclist to safely pass a parked bus.
  • Concerns over loss of parking. Parking removal is required for the safe operation of buses into and out of bus stops and to support safe sight distance for pedestrians waiting to cross from either side of Tamaki Drive. The road is a public asset available for the usage of the general public and the road frontage is not for the exclusive use of the adjacent property. The crossing provides a safe crossing point for bus patrons. There is still extensive parking available on both sides of Tamaki Drive and Kohimarama Road as well as side streets in the area.
  • Request to shift the northern bus stop (# 7734) further eastwards so more of the median strip is available for a driver turning right from Kohimarama Road. There is approximately 35 metres of median between the intersection and the proposed pedestrian refuge. For drivers turning right out of Kohimarama Road, 35 metres is a sufficient length for a driver to wait, before joining the eastbound traffic stream. Additionally, the bus stop cannot be relocated further east because the tree roots prevent a hard stand being constructed. Moving the bus stop further east will also compromise the sight distance for pedestrians crossing north to south.
  • Feeling that the broken yellow lines are excessive for the pedestrian sight lines and the bus stop clearance. The extents of the no stopping at all times markings have been designed to support clear sight lines for safe pedestrian crossing and safe ingress/egress of buses into the bus stop boxes.
  • Request for additional works include
    • Reduce the speed limit to 30km/h.
    • Ban parking along the road at least 100 metres either side of bus stops.
    • Install large signs indicating that the road narrows and to look out for cyclists.
    • Incorporate a right hand turning lane.
    • Query about flooding.
    • Requests for bus shelters at nearby stops.
    • Relocate the bus stop east.

These requests are out of scope for this proposal which focuses on a pedestrian refuge at Kohimarama Drive. If you would like your request to be considered by us for future development works, please provide feedback here.

Next steps

We expect to introduce this work between July 2018 and June 2019, subject to further changes in design or funding issues.

Contractors will issue 48-hour notices to all affected residents prior to construction work.