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The Strand, Parnell - Parking changes The Strand, Parnell - Parking changes

Consultation status: closed 8 September 2017

Proposal reference: RTV-072

We are proposing changes to parking along the footpath on The Strand and Shipwright Lane, Parnell. These include:

  • Prohibiting parking at all locations along the footpath and driveways on The Strand and Shipwright Lane.
  • Retaining existing bays of on-street angle parking between 9-23 Shipwright Lane. These parking bays do not affect the accessibility of the footpath. 
  • Introducing a parking time limit of P120 8am-6pm, Monday-Friday to encourage greater availability of these spaces.

Download the consultation drawing for The Strand (PDF 1MB)

We are responding to local requests to address the safety of pedestrians using The Strand. Vehicles parked on or moving across the footpath present a significant hazard to pedestrians and obstruct driver visibility. We recognise that parking along The Strand has been a long-standing issue and appreciate that these changes may have an impact on businesses located here. We believe that parking restrictions are necessary to ensure both pedestrian and driver safety in this area.

Proposal outcome

Our proposal received a large volume of feedback from businesses and community groups. We reviewed this feedback and discussed key issues with a range of stakeholders.

Download the updated consultation drawings for The Strand (PDF 1MB)

In the future, we plan to:

  • Mark a 2 metre-wide pedestrian walkway on the footpath. This walkway will begin outside 73 The Strand and extend westwards to the end of Shipwright Lane where it meets Parnell Rise. This is shown on drawings 1-3.
  • Identify 11 parking spaces where parallel parking could be permitted on the footpath without compromising pedestrian safety. These are shown in drawings 2 and 3.
  • Introduce angle parking on Shipwright Lane. We have identified a section of angle parking orientated at 45 degrees, which will accommodate approximately 12 parking spaces and allow enough space for vehicles to manoeuvre. The existing 90 degree angle parking will not be changed.
  • Apply a P60-minute parking time-restriction to Shipwright Lane parking spaces. These restrictions will operate Monday-Saturday, 8am-6pm. The existing on-street parking shown in drawings 2-5 will remain P120, 8am-6pm, Monday-Saturday.
  • Introduce a single-space 5-minute loading zone outside 15-19 The Strand. AT does not normally support angle parking loading zones in order to avoid large vehicles blocking the carriageway. But these locations are protected by a traffic island and are not on the main roadway.
  • Apply a P15-minute time-restriction to a single parallel parking space outside 93-95 The Strand, shown on drawing 4. This P15 restriction will apply at all times.
  • Outside of the marked car parking spaces, all other parking on the footpath will be prohibited.

Next Steps

Currently, we are unable to proceed with these plans due to ongoing discussions regarding the delegated powers that allow us to propose and enforce restrictions along The Strand. We have put our plans on hold until these discussions are complete, at which point we will post a new timeframe for implementation.

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact us on (09) 448 7265 quoting the reference number: RTV-072.

Your query will be passed on to the project lead.