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Upper Queen St and Canada St - pedestrian and cycling improvements Upper Queen St and Canada St - pedestrian and cycling improvements

Consultation status: closed 8 February

We are seeking feedback on a proposal to improve pedestrian and cycling access around Upper Queen Street and Canada Street in Central Auckland.

We propose to:

  • Install a new signalised pedestrian any cyclist crossing across Upper Queen Street.
  • Install new pram crossings (with directional pavers).
  • Treat the surface of the footpath for safer walking and cycling.
  • Relocate the existing 'Shared Path' signage.
  • Change the road markings to reflect the improved layout.

This proposal will improve pedestrian and cyclist access to the off-road cycleways in Central Auckland. 

Grafton Gully cycleway, the Pink Cycle Path and Ian McKinnon cycleway all connect with Upper Queen Street. Cyclists and pedestrians travelling between Grafton Gully and the Pink Cycle Path currently have to cross the road twice to reach the other side of this intersection. 

The proposed changes will make the journey safer, easier and more direct. 

Download the consultation drawing for Upper Queen Street and Canada Street (PDF 519KB)


Thank you everyone for your feedback.

The proposal received a majority of positive feedback with some concerns raised by respondents, mainly related to the detailed aspects of the scheme.

After reviewing this feedback and all other supporting evidence, the proposal will proceed to the next stage of detailed planning with the following changes:

  • Flipping over the cycle/pedestrian sides of the crossing.
  • Changing the traffic signal phasing to allow both pedestrians and cyclists to cross from all of the corners at the same time.

During the detailed planning we will further investigate the following suggestions raised by the public:

  • Reshaping the footpath at the western corner of Canada Street and Upper Queen Street.
  • Using anti-slippery treatments at the western corner of Canada Street and Upper Queen Street.
  • Location and number of signal poles.
  • Shifting the crossing slightly to the south to maximise the waiting area at the western corner.

Specific feedback and proposed solution

  • Concern that an additional pedestrian crossing on a busy road would slow down traffic and a recommendation to instead remove the existing crossing located a couple of metres away. The intersection of Upper Queen Street and Canada Street is a key link between the Pink Cycle Path and Grafton Gully cycleway. The project will highly improve connectivity of pedestrians and cyclists using the wider cycle network. Early investigations show that it is possible to introduce a new crossing south of the intersection while maintaining the existing crossing on the opposite side, and our traffic modelling suggested that traffic flow will not be affected. We will monitor and continue to identify opportunities to optimise the operation of the traffic light phasing to suit the traffic flow in the area.

  • Suggestion to shift the crossing slightly to the north to align it with the footpath along Canada Street. Relocating the crossing further north would reduce the waiting area at an already tight corner. This is undesirable as this corner receives high volumes of pedestrians and cyclists.

  • Request to relocate the cycle handrail on the south west corner to where the new signal pole and cycle call button will be. It is considered to remove the handrail as it can potentially obstruct the travel path.

  • Statement that the cycle on-ramp to the north of the intersection is often blocked by parked vehicles. We will forward this feedback to the Parking Design Team for consideration.

  • Requests for more cycling infrastructure and improvements at other locations. The scope of the project is limited to the Upper Queen Street and Canada Street intersection. You can visit our Cycling & Walking page to see the overall plans across the city and provide feedback at other locations.

Next stage

We expect to introduce the proposal during the 2017/18 financial year, subject to any further changes in design as detailed above, or funding issues. Contractors will issue a 48-hour notice to all residents in the area prior to starting construction work.