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Beachlands Road, Beachlands - Pedestrian facilities upgrade Beachlands Road, Beachlands - Pedestrian facilities upgrade

Consultation status: closed 27 June 2018

Proposal reference: MIP1718-013

We are planning to upgrade pedestrian facilities at the intersection of Beachlands Road and Bell Road, including:

  • Installation of two pedestrian refuges with new pram crossings and tactile pavers – one on Beachlands Road and one on Bell Road.
  • Relocation of bus stop (ID 6000) slightly eastward along Beachlands Road.
  • General tightening of the intersection by building out the kerb at the corners.
  • Installation of broken yellow lines around the intersection, including parking removal.
  • Changes to road markings and signage.

View the consultation drawing for Beachlands Road (PDF 1.1MB)

Why the changes are needed

We have identified an opportunity to improve pedestrian connectivity and safety at the intersection of Beachlands Road and Bell Road, Beachlands. This work will also improve visibility for drivers by relocating the existing bus stop to a safer location.

Proposal outcome

This project will procced with changes to the next stage of detailed planning. A summary of the community feedback we received and answers to questions and concerns is below.

Feedback received

  • Concern that removing on-street parking will make Bell Road more congested, as well as removing parking for school pick-up / drop-off and visitors to adjacent properties. On-street parking needs to be removed at the proposed locations to ensure that adequate sight distances are provided for pedestrians and drivers approaching the proposed crossing points to improve safety.
  • Concern that relocating the bus stop will: create excessive noise for adjacent residential properties; make it difficult for adjacent residents to exit their driveway due to reduced visibility; negatively affect the value of adjacent residential properties. The bus stop will be shifted approximately 50 metres to improve visibility and safety at the intersection of Beachlands Road and Bell Road. The new location will be similar to the majority of stops along the bus network that are located outside residential properties.
  • Suggestion that the existing bus stop location outside the fire station makes more sense; the pedestrian refuge could be move to the east side of the intersection to accommodate the existing location. The bus stop will be shifted approximately 50 metres to improve visibility and safety at the intersection of Beachlands Road and Bell Road.
  • Suggestion that the bus stop is unnecessary as an existing bus stop is located less than 200m away. We will review the remainder of this bus route in the future. This may involve the relocation of additional bus stops to achieve their targeted spacing, as well as the introduction of new stops.
  • Concern that extending broken yellow lines would remove parking space for responding volunteer fire fighters outside the station. We have met with the local fire station and Local Board members to look at how we can accommodate the parking demand generated by the station.
  • Concern that narrowing the corners of Bell Rd would affect the ability for fire engines to easily enter / exit the local station. We have reviewed the design of the project to ensure that heavy vehicles can access Bell Road.
  • Suggestion to include east-west bike lanes through the intersection. Marking cycling lanes would be out of context with the rest of Beachlands Road and the local area at this stage.
  • Suggestion to include a footpath opposite the proposed bus stop on Beachlands Road. We are in the process of installing a footpath on the southern side of Beachlands Road opposite the new location for the bus stop.
  • Request to install broken yellow lines and a give way sign at the intersection of Bell Road and Fern Road. While this request does not fall within the scope of this proposal, we have passed your concerns onto the relevant internal team for further investigation.

Next steps

This work will happen in between September 2018 and June 2019, but we will let you know if there are further changes or delays.

Our contractors will send notices to affected residents 48-hours prior to construction starting.