Cascades Road, Botany Downs - Roundabout metering signals Cascades Road, Botany Downs - Roundabout metering signals

Proposal status: updated 20 December 2018

Due to the holiday period, the outcome for this proposal will be slightly delayed. We expect that a final decision will be made available in January, which we will then provide updates in addition to responses to individual concerns and requests.

Reference number: NOP1819-002

We're proposing changes in your area

​We are proposing to introduce roundabout metering signals on the eastern leg of Cascades Road at the intersection with Aviemore Drive.

The changes would also include:

  • Installation of in-road vehicle queue detection on both legs of Cascades Road.
  • Installation of broken yellow lines along the southern side of Cascades Road to the east of the intersection, including parking removal.
  • Addition of a second westbound lane on Cascades Road to the east of the intersection.

Download the proposal drawing for Cascades Road (PDF 1MB)

Why the changes are needed

The proposal aims to improve the balance of traffic at the roundabout during peak periods and to reduce excessive queuing. Currently, heavy traffic on the eastern leg of Cascades Road is making it difficult for drivers from other legs to enter the roundabout during peak hour traffic.

Traffic metering would activate only when queues begin to develop and would better filter the number of vehicles entering the roundabout from the eastern leg of Cascades Road, creating gaps for vehicles from other legs.

Read more information on the nearby proposal at the intersection of Cascades Road and Botany Road.

Proposal outcome

This project will proceed without changes to the next stage of detailed planning. Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback. A summary of this feedback and answers to community questions and concerns is below.

Feedback received

  • This proposal received positive responses from community members and stakeholders who supported efforts to improve traffic flow.
  • Request to widen the roundabout at its southernmost point (between both legs of Cascades Road), as trucks frequently take up both lanes when using the roundabout. Widening of the roundabout at this location would create a potential speeding issue as the lanes would appear straighter, particularly for vehicles traveling straight from Cascades Road East to Cascades Road West.
  • Request to reduce the size of the central roundabout island as it poses manoeuvrability issues for large trucks. Reductions in the size of the roundabout island and an associated increase in the width of the road would likely result in speeding at this location. Given that heavy vehicle traffic is fairly low and there is no crash history to indicate a major safety or operational issue at this location, we do not plan to widen the roundabout at this stage.
  • Request to formally extend the second eastbound lane on Cascades Road West through to Lochend Place or to the bridge. Establishing two lanes would provide very limited benefits as there is minimal vehicle traffic turning left onto Aviemore Drive. Furthermore, the refuge island in place outside of 204 Cascades Road restricts the width of the carriageway.
  • Request to increase traffic capacity along both Cascades Road and Aviemore Drive. The two lanes proposed for Cascades Road East in conjunction with the proposed metering will balance and improve traffic flow on all three approaches.
  • Concern that the proposal will worsen congestion through to the intersection with Botany Road. Traffic metering would activate only when queues begin to develop on Cascades Road West and would cancel when queues reach a certain length on Cascades Road East. Proposed two lanes on the eastern approach will increase the capacity and offset any delay from the metering signals. The two lanes will increase the capacity when the metering signals are not operating.
  • Request to place broken yellow lines near driveways of 236 to 240 Cascades Road in order to improve visibility and safety. Parking within one metre of a vehicle entrance is prohibited as outlined in the New Zealand Road Code and is therefore enforceable. If you do observe a vehicle parking illegally which limits visibility or obstructs access to your driveway, please contact our enforcement team by calling 09 355 3553.
    Given the road rule compliance challenges we face across Auckland, we do not install broken yellow lines across driveways except for in high use or emergency access situations. As parking demand is high in the area we aim to keep the loss of on-street parking to a minimum whilst establishing a safer and improved road environment.
  • Request to reduce the speed limit in the area. We have passed your concerns onto the Road Safety Team who is responsible for speed limit review for further investigation.
  • Concern that vehicles traveling at speed from Aviemore Drive to Cascades Road East frequently cut into the flush median, which is often used by residents at 236 and 238 Cascades Road that are attempting to merge with westbound traffic. Auckland Transport previously identified an issue at the roundabout where vehicles from Aviemore Drive were travelling at speeds inappropriate to exit onto Cascades Road East. As a result, hatched road markings, reflective markers, and “SLOW” road markings were added to raise driver awareness and encourage safer vehicle speeds.
    As part of our investigation, the design of this roundabout was reviewed. There are appropriate entry curvatures for both legs on Cascades Road to reduce speeds of vehicles entering the roundabout and the recent road marking changes provide a pinch point to further encourage slower speeds.
    We have passed on concerns about vehicles inappropriately using traffic lanes and cutting corners while travelling through the roundabout to the NZ Police for possible monitoring and enforcement.
  • Concern that the proposal would involve a narrowing of the flush median strip. The width of the flush median on Cascades Road East will not be reduced as part of this project. The additional lane proposed would better utilise what is currently a wide shoulder.
  • Request to remove the roundabout at the intersection of Cascades Road and Aviemore Drive and replace with traffic lights. Installing traffic lights where unnecessary is likely to result in excessive delays, driver frustration and non-compliance of the lights. In many cases, it can also lead to ‘rat-running’ in an attempt to avoid the lights and an increased crash frequency, especially rear-end type crashes. Overall, we need to ensure traffic and pedestrian safety are not negatively impacted by the implementation of any changes to road design.
    As part of our assessment we identified that there have been no crashes reported involving vehicles turning into or out of this roundabout in the last five years. Our preliminary analysis also revealed that at the intersection of Cascades Road and Aviemore Drive a signalised traffic control would significantly affect travel times and cause unacceptable delays.
  • Request for improved pedestrian facilities at this location. Our observations of pedestrian movements along Cascades Road indicated the majority of pedestrians use the footpath along the northern side of the road. We note that there is no pedestrian demand along the southern side of the road given that there are no real destinations. Where bus stops are present and there is demand to cross the road, there are pedestrian refuge islands immediately adjacent.

Next steps

This work will happen on or before July 2019, but we will let you know if there are further changes or delays.

Our contractors will send notices to affected residents 48-hours prior to construction starting.