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​East Tamaki - Intersection improvements​ ​East Tamaki - Intersection improvements​

Proposal status: closed 11 September 2018

Reference number: NOP1718-047

We're proposing changes in your area

We are proposing to introduce a number of changes aimed at improving traffic operations along Sir William Avenue, Smales Road, Crooks Road, Harris Road, Allens Road, and Blackburn Road in East Tamaki. Changes will include: 

  • Extension of double lane road markings on Allens Road from Zelanian Drive to the intersection with Springs/Harris/Smales Roads; and implementation of a peak hour clearway along the northern side of Allens Road that applies 4pm to 7pm, Monday to Friday.
  • New broken yellow lines along Crooks Road including parking removal, and removal of the existing traffic side island.
  • New broken yellow lines around the intersection of Sir William Ave and Smales Road.
  • New broken yellow lines outside 2 Allens Road and around Allens Road/Zelanian Drive intersection.

Download the proposal drawing for ​East Tamaki intersection improvements​ (PDF 3.7MB)

Why the changes are needed

These proposed changes are expected to improve traffic operations and capacity along this network of roads, particularly during peak hours. Specific improvements include:

Allens Road/Smales Road

In the evening peak hours, queues heading eastbound on Allens Rd approaching the Springs/Harris/Smales Rd intersection can tail back as far as Blackburn Rd, a distance of over 400m.
Drivers normally form two queues on the approach to the intersection.

Drivers wanting to turn right from Allens Rd to Springs Rd have to wait for an opportunity to pass through vehicles east of the horizontal bend on Allens Rd near Blackburn Rd intersection. By installing two formal eastbound lanes drivers will be able to safely enter the right turn lane earlier, there by reducing the overall Allens Rd queue length on the approach to the Springs Rd traffic signals.

New broken yellow lines along Allens Road would improve both safety and operations of the road. As well as improving visibility for the driveways on the main road. Parked vehicles have been blocking visibility and access for users of these drieways.

Crooks Road/Harris Road

Queues on Crooks Rd generally extend to around 50m from the intersection at peak times, but can reach as far back as Blackburn Rd. As vehicles are often parked close to the intersection, this significantly reduces the queuing capacity. By installing No stopping at all times restrictions vehicles would be able to form two informal queues on Crooks Rd on the approach to Harris Road.

Sir William Avenue/Smales Road

Site observations have found that queues can reach up to 50m on Sir William Ave for vehicles turning into Smales Rd, with some vehicles cutting through the car park at 9 Smales Rd in order to turn left.

The proposed parking removal would allow vehicles to informally form two queues at the intersection thereby reducing the incentive to use the car park as a cut through during peak periods. The proposed extension of the No stopping at all times restrictions on Smales Rd would improve both operations and safety of the intersection by improving visibility for drivers turning out of Sir William Ave, as well as improving accessibility for larger vehicles turning into Sir William Ave.