​Rosewell Crescent, Flat Bush - Broken yellow lines​ ​Rosewell Crescent, Flat Bush - Broken yellow lines​

Proposal status: updated 24 October 2018

Reference number: BYL-325

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​We are proposing to install broken yellow lines outside 6 Rosewell Crescent on the inner bend of the road.

Download the proposal drawing for ​Rosewell Crescent (PDF 481KB)

Why the changes are needed

These changes are needed to improve driver visibility and also allow rubbish trucks to safely travel around this bend.

Driver visibility is currently significantly affected when vehicles are parked on this corner and rubbish trucks are also having difficulty driving around this bend when vehicles are parked on both sides.

Proposal outcome

This project will proceed with minior changes to the next stage of detailed planning.

Download the updated drawing for Rosewell Crescent (PDF 481KB).

Feedback received

A summary of the community feedback we received and answers to questions and concerns:

  • Suggestion for broken yellow lines on the other side of the road (outer bend), particularly between the driveways of 15 and 17 Rosewell Crescent. The space between the driveways of 15 and 17 is not wide enough for a standard vehicle to park without obstructing the adjacent driveways. However we will install broken yellow lines in between these driveways as well to ensure that the bend is kept clear for approaching vehicles.
  • Concern about how the broken yellow lines will be enforced. Please contact our Parking Compliance Department on 09 355 3553 whenever you face an illegal parking issue. This will allow us to dispatch a parking warden to the advised location as we can only take action against an illegally parked vehicle if one of our parking wardens witnesses this at the time of the offence.
  • Request for some speed bumps or something similar to slow cars down. We are currently developing a plan to reduce speeds on Auckland's roads. This plan will identify the highest priority areas for the initial roll out of speed reduction, on approximately 10% of our road network, including residential areas.

    The new area-based focus recognises that traffic-calming changes on one street have a flow-on effect on the surrounding neighbourhood. This plan will support all drivers to travel at the appropriate speed and to the road condition.

    In addition to speed reduction, we also intend to make infrastructural changes to encourage drivers to slow down. We intend to carry out these changes over a three-year period from 2019, targeting delivery to a small number of residential areas each year. These areas have been prioritised to reduce the incidence and impact of crashes. This is based on several factors, including the number of crashes, safety risk, traffic speed, land use and concerns raised by local residents and their elected representatives.

    Find out more about reducing speed limits, including the residential areas that will be prioritised for further investigation.

Next steps

This work will happen in April/May but we will let you know if there are further changes or delays. Our contractors will send notices to affected residents prior to construction starting.