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Newmarket residential parking zone Newmarket residential parking zone

Auckland Transport (AT) is proposing a new residential parking zone in Newmarket.

Project status: Consultation - feedback closed 24 November 2019
Project zone: Central

Project overview

To provide greater parking availability and flexibility Auckland Transport is proposing a new residential parking zone in Newmarket. The proposal is a response to multiple requests from the community and the high occupancy rates of on-street parking in the area (regularly above 85% occupancy at peak times).

Proposed residential parking zone for Newmarket

  • The zone will include the entirety of Seccombes Road, Maungawhau Road and Almorah Place.
  • Time restrictions of two hours (P120), Monday to Sunday, 8am to 6pm, which will only apply to vehicles that do not have permits or coupons.
  • The P120 time restriction will replace most the existing parking restrictions in the area. However, the parking restrictions shown on the map will remain in place. Vehicles with residential parking permits or coupons will not be exempted from the existing parking restrictions that are to remain in place.
  • All existing residential parking schemes such as Resident Only Permits, and Resident Exempt Permit Holders will be replaced by the new proposed zone. Existing holders of the permits will need to apply under the new zone.

Map of proposed Newmarket residential parking zone

Map of proposed residential parking zone for Newmarket


  • Provide greater parking availability and flexibility for residents, business and visitors.
  • The two-hour time restriction supports parking for business customers and casual residential visitors, while not allowing for non-resident long-term parking.
  • Reduce congestion from vehicles driving around looking for parking spaces.
  • Less circling vehicles should also improve pedestrian safety in the area.
  • Reduce incidences of parked vehicles obstructing driveways, as vehicles do not have to park in marginal spaces.


  • 28 October 2019 - Consultation opens on residential parking zone in Newmarket.
  • 24 November 2019 - Consultation closes.
  • November to December - Public feedback considered.
  • Late-December - Public feedback report published.

Residential parking zones

A residential parking zone is a collection of residential streets upon which a parking restriction is applied. It allows short term parking for visitors, and all-day parking for coupon and permit holders.

Within the residential parking zone all residents and businesses can apply for a parking permit, which will exempt them from the time restrictions. They can also obtain parking coupons that allow visitors to be exempt from the restrictions for a day.

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Public consultation

We wanted to hear from you. Your feedback will help us decide the final shape of the project.

Public feedback closed Sunday, 24 November 2019.

Next steps

We will consider your feedback and use it to revise the proposal. A report will be prepared and published online that outlines any changes to the proposal and our final decisions. We will notify you when the report is available if you provided your contact details with your submission.

If the residential parking zone goes ahead, we will send letters to all properties within the zone outlining how to apply for parking permits and coupons.

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