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Auckland Transport

Bentley Ave and Chartwell Ave, Glenfield - Speed Table

Consultation status: closed 14 February 2017

We are proposing the following changes:

  • A raised speed table over the intersection.
  • Removal of the left-turn slip lane from Chartwell Avenue into Bentley Avenue, and the removal of the associated refuge island.
  • Two pairs of pram crossings with tactile pavers.
  • Kerb build-outs around corners of the intersection.
  • Five new parking spaces on Chartwell Avenue.
  • New road markings and road signs.

Why the changes are required

Previously, a roundabout was proposed in this location and consulted upon. We are now seeking feedback on a new proposal that is designed to minimise the number of injury collisions occurring at the intersection.

The crash history of this intersection confirms a crash issue exists for vehicles turning into Bentley Avenue from Chartwell Avenue. The current give-way controls indicate that vehicles turning left into Bentley Avenue must give-way.

This can be confusing as it is contrary to the give-way rules at most intersections, where right-turning drivers must give way.
In addition, the raised speed table and kerb build-out will together act as speed-calming measures, while also reducing the crossing distance on the pram crossings.

These improvements aim to make the road and footpath environment safe as part of our coordinated plan to develop safer road layouts, promote sustainable travel and ensure ease of passage for those travelling on foot. As part of these improvements, we will also upgrade any sub-standard street lighting as and when required.

Download the consultation plans for Bentley Ave and Chartwell Ave (PDF 3MB)