Auckland Transport

Channel View Road, Campbell’s Bay - No stopping at all times restrictions

Consultation status: closed 13 March 2017

We are looking to install new No stopping at all times restrictions (broken yellow lines) on Channel View Road in Campbell’s Bay.

Why the changes are required

Currently there are accessibility and visibility issues on Channel View Road because of parked vehicles on both sides of the road, therefore adding new No stopping at all times restrictions will improve these issues on Channel View Road.

Download the consultation drawing for Channel View Road (PDF 217KB) 

Feedback results

The proposal received mixed feedback with some concerns raised by respondents. After reviewing this feedback and other supporting evidence, the proposal will process without changes to the next stage of detailed planning. 

Specific feedback

  • The broken yellow lines should be extended to 45 Channel View Road. The proposed restrictions are up to the driveway of 45 Channel View Road.
  • The broken yellow lines should be installed on both sides of the road. Channel View Road is approximately 7.4 meters wide, which allows for 2 meters of parking on each side and a 2.5 meter through lane - the minimum space required for emergency vehicles to access. While parked vehicles may reduce traffic flow to a single lane, they also encourage greater care while driving and discourage drivers from speeding. We believe that keeping on-street parking on both sides of the road will keep driver speed at an acceptable level. 
  • A circular mirror should be installed on the bend to improve visibility outside 48 Channel View Road. We no longer install mirrors as we have found them generally ineffective and unsafe. Mirrors can give a false sense of distance and speed of oncoming vehicles, which increases risk for drivers. These mirrors are also expensive to install and difficult to maintain. 
  • Cut bushes back as they restrict visibility. Any vegetation that restricts visibility will be trimmed as part of the proposed works.
  • Broken yellow lines will increase vehicle speed, which is already too high along Channel View Road. Our speed data analysis did not raise any significant concerns regarding vehicle speed. If you notice trends of speeding vehicles please contact the police who may choose to carry out targeted speed enforcement.
  • A request to install speed humps on either side of the curve. Our speed data analysis, onsite observations and review of the road's crash history did not raise any significant concerns. We do not believe speed humps would be a suitable option for Channel View Road. 

Next steps

We expect to begin this work by August 2017, subject to any further design changes or funding issues.

Contractors will issue 48-hour notice to all affected residents prior to construction work.