Chivalry Rd, Glenfield - Zebra Crossings Chivalry Rd, Glenfield - Zebra Crossings

Consultation status: closed 16 February 2018

Proposal reference: RS1617-043(B)

We propose to install two raised zebra crossings on Chivalry Road. This requires the removal of parking to ensure pedestrian visibility and safety.

View the consultation drawings for Chivalry Rd 1 (PDF 284KB) 

View the consultation drawings for Chivalry Rd 2 (PDF 198KB) 

Why the changes are needed

In June 2016, information was sent out to local residents about our proposal to install two zebra crossings on Chivalry Road in Glenfield. This proposal aimed to improve pedestrian safety near Glenfield Primary School and was received positively by members of the community.

Unfortunately, we had not been able to secure funding for associated improvements in Hamilton Place and Avalon Place that included kerb buildouts and new road markings. We are now asking you to provide feedback on our plans.


The proposal received positive feedback with some concerns raised by respondents. After reviewing this feedback and all other supporting evidence, the proposal will proceed without changes to the next stage of detailed planning.

Specific feedback and proposed solution

  • Suggestion that the speed table crossing is not the most appropriate option. Thank you for providing feedback on the proposed speed tables along Chivalry Road. We appreciate your views on the speed table, and whether to consider alternative options. The consultation for this proposal received a majority overall support, which is also consistent with the previous consultation in 2016, whereby the speed tables would create a safer environment outside the two schools. The crossing outside Glenfield Primary has an unsafe queuing issue across the existing zebra crossing during peak school times, to which the speed table would highlight the presence of pedestrians crossing here. For consistency along the Chivalry Road route, the crossing outside Glenfield Intermediate was also proposed to be raised. Due to the overall support of the proposal from the consultation with no significant issues raised, the project will proceed with construction by mid-2018.
  • Request that the broken yellow lines are extended on either side of the school driveway to ensure clear visibility when exiting. We will investigate the feasibility of extending the broken yellow lines 6m either side of the vehicle exit from the kerb tangent points.

Next steps

We expect to introduce this work between July 2018 and June 2019, subject to further changes in design or funding issues. Contractors will notify all affected residents prior to construction work.