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Auckland Transport

Clarence St and Bartley Tce, Devonport – Zebra crossings Clarence St and Bartley Tce, Devonport – Zebra crossings

Consultation status: closed 15 December 2017

Proposal reference: RTV-067

We are proposing to install raised zebra crossings on Clarence Street and Bartley Terrace in Devonport. These changes will improve the safety and efficiency of pedestrian journeys by slowing vehicle traffic and providing safe crossings at useful locations.

Changes to Clarence and Wynyard Streets include:

  • Installing a zebra crossing and speed table with kerb build-outs and tactile pavers near the intersection with Wynyard Street.
  • Installing a new kerb build out with pram crossings and tactile pavers on Wynyard Street.
  • Installing new signs, road markings and orange belisha disks.
  • Reinstating one P90 parking space by removing the existing pedestrian refuge island to the east of Wynyard Street.
  • Removing three P90 parking spaces from Clarence Street.
  • Installing broken yellow lines (no stopping parking restrictions) as indicated.
  • Upgrading street lightning near new crossing.

Changes to Clarence Street and Bartley Terrace include:

  • Installing a zebra crossing and speed table with kerb build-outs and tactile pavers at the entrance to Bartley Terrace.
  • Installing new signs, orange belisha disks and shifting road markings.
  • Extending the footpath outside 28 Clarence Street by 2.5 metres and removing one angled carpark at this location. 
  • Installing a planter box at 28 Clarence Street.
  • Upgrading street lightning near new crossing.

View the consultation drawing for Clarence St and Bartley Tce (PDF 1.66MB) 

Why the changes are needed

We are responding to local requests to improve pedestrian facilities along Clarence Street and nearby roads. Our surveys show a high volume of pedestrians using these streets to access shops and ferries. The proposed speed tables intend to bring vehicle speeds down in these areas and create a safer and more pleasant environment for people on foot.


Thank you everyone for your feedback.

The proposal received mixed feedback with some concerns raised by respondents. After reviewing this feedback and all other supporting evidence, the proposal will proceed without changes to the next stage of detailed planning.

Specific feedback

  • Concern whether the proposed Clarence Street crossing will make it difficult for drivers to reverse out of angle parking spaces in front of businesses along the road. The speed table will be relatively low and we do not expect a significant impact on drivers accessing or leaving nearby businesses.
  • Concern whether the installation of the zebra crossing and speed table will impact availability of parking on Clarence Street. The installation of the zebra crossing and speed table will result in a net loss of two parking spaces in the vicinity. However, we note that spaces for short-term parking are typically available in the public car park at New World supermarket.
  • Requests that the proposed Clarence Street zebra crossing be located nearer to the current pedestrian refuge instead. Due to a lack of space on the opposite side of the road, a speed table cannot be installed at the location suggested by the respondents. Our pedestrian survey also demonstrates that pedestrians typically cross at the location where we have proposed installation of the zebra crossing and speed table
  • Suggestions that the proposed zebra crossings and/or speed tables are unnecessary and may lead to traffic congestion. Some respondents also noted that raised speed tables could be removed from this proposal to save funds. Our pedestrian survey demonstrates that pedestrians frequently cross at these two points, warranting both zebra crossings and speed tables. Installation of the speed tables will significantly reduce risk of pedestrian injury and will slow traffic, without having significant impacts on traffic congestion.
  • Request to remove a tree at the corner of Clarence Street and Bartley Terrace to provide better visibility for drivers and pedestrians. Based on our site visit, we did not find that this tree impacts visibility of vehicles leaving the New World supermarket.
  • Suggestion to engage art community groups in reconstructing segments of the footpath to include creative elements. Auckland Transport will engage community groups to include artistic components in this project.
  • Request to discuss construction timeframes with local businesses to minimise disruption. We will try to minimise the impact of construction on local businesses and project managers will talk with affected businesses directly.
  • Requests to clearly demarcate the footpath in front of 28-30 Clarence Street to prevent vehicles from parking on it. We will try to resolve this issue as much as possible when construction is undertaken.
  • Requests for additional works:
    • to alter parking arrangements on Clarence Road.
    • to reduce the speed limit in Devonport Village to 30kph.
    • to address the layout of the New World/Auckland Council car park.
    • for supermarket staff to have designated parking to reduce parking demand on Clarence Street.
    • for a harbour tunnel connecting Bayswater to Auckland City centre to ease traffic congestion in Devonport.
    • for pedestrian crossings along Lake Road.
    • (suggestion) to convert Clarence Street into a shared pedestrian/vehicle space similar to Fort Street in the central city.

These requests are out of scope for this proposal which focuses on pedestrian safety on Clarence Street and Bartley Terrace. If you would like your request to be considered by AT for future development works, please fill in our feedback form or contact us to report a problem to be fixed.

Next steps

We expect to introduce this work by May 2018, subject to further changes in design or funding issues. Contractors will notify affected residents prior to starting construction work.