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Clegg Place, Warkworth – Parking changes Clegg Place, Warkworth – Parking changes

Proposal status: Feedback closed 3 November 2020, last updated 20 November 2020.

Reference number: RTV-327 

Proposal outcome

In October 2020, to improve parking turnover, we proposed to install P120 (two hour) parking restrictions affecting 3 parking spaces on one side of the road in Clegg Place. After reviewing all the feedback, we are proceeding with the work as proposed.

What happens next

We anticipate the proposed changes will be constructed between January and February 2021.

Community feedback

Thank you for helping us make better decisions for your neighbourhood, informed by your local knowledge.  A summary of your feedback and our responses to community questions is below.

  • Suggestion for P60 (1 hour) instead of P120 (2 hour) restrictions.
    A P60 restriction is much more limiting for visitors to the area and residents. P120 restrictions allow enough time while also ensuring that the road is not used for people to park all day.
  • Concern about number of cars parking on this side street/Request for AT to investigate provision of parking specifically for the kindergarten.
    On-street parking is a valuable public asset and it cannot be reserved for a particular individual, business or organisation.
  • Request to make more than 3 parking spaces time restricted.
    The 35 metres of parking restrictions are half of the available parking on this side of Clegg Place. With these time restrictions in place the turnover of spaces should be higher than at present.
  • Concern the time restrictions will not be enforced by parking wardens.
    If you notice that vehicles start to park all day, please call our parking team on 09 355 3553 and our parking wardens will check the area.

We're proposing changes in your area

Aucklanders have told us that moving around our city safely and easily is important to them. We have been asked to look into parking improvements in Clegg Place to improve safety for young children being dropped off at school. We would like to hear your views on our proposed changes.

The changes we are proposing:

  • Install P120 (2-hour) parking time restrictions along a section of one side of the road. The restrictions will be in place from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

Installing P120 parking aims to improve parking turnover and create a better balance between short-term and long-term parking in Clegg Place. Making short-term parking more available will help to increase the safety for people dropping off and picking up young children at kindergarten. The proposed time restrictions would involve 3 on-street parking spaces.

Download the proposal drawing for Clegg Place (PDF 183KB)

 Warkworth: Safe with us

Auckland Transport cares for your safety. We want to make our roads safe for everyone, people walking and cycling, especially for our kids and senior citizens and people driving. Projects like this one around Clegg Place are another step towards our goal of achieving no deaths or serious injuries on our roads. We are guided by the Vision Zero approach to transport safety, which prioritises human safety over other measures (like minor time saving).