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Auckland Transport

Glenfield Rd and Bentley Ave intersection improvements

Consultation status: closed 8 February 2017

We are seeking feedback on a proposal to change the layout of the Glenfield Road and Bentley Avenue intersection in Glenfield. 

We propose to:

  • Add a pedestrian crossing across Glenfield Road from the shopping complex to the community centre.
  • Realign the existing pedestrian crossings on Glenfield Road and Bentley Avenue.
  • Upgrade the existing pedestrian crossing to a raised table at the slip lane of Glenfield Road.
  • Remove the slip lane from Bentley Avenue turning left on Glenfield Road. 
  • Widen and extend the existing island outside the shopping complex to improve pedestrian safety.
  • Remove one parking space outside the shopping complex to improve safety.
  • Repainting the existing cycle lane and cycle boxes green.
  • Reconstructing the existing islands at the end of Bentley Avenue.
  • Adding 'Give Way' and 'No U Turn' signs on the island outside the shopping complex.
  • Replacing the existing hump near the pedestrian crossing.

This proposal is part of the overall town centre improvement programme, which will improve safety and access for pedestrians in the area. 

Download the consultation plans: