Auckland Transport

Hibiscus Coast Highway, Orewa - zebra crossings

Consultation status: closed 23 September 2016

Proposed changes

  • Install zebra crossings with tactile pavers at the intersections.
  • Upgrade road markings and signs as required.
  • Install plant boxes to limit pedestrian access to the stone pavers.

Download the plans for Hibiscus Coast Highway, Orewa, zebra crossings (PDF 1.3MB)

Why the changes are needed

AT received concerns from the public regarding pedestrian safety issues at Hibiscus Coast Highway, near Moenui, Moana and Tamaraki Avenues. A high number of people cross in this area to access the Owera Town Centre shops and to Orewa Beach.

The existing stone pavers near the intersections are often misused by pedestrians as formal crossings. This situation is dangerous as drivers are not obligated to stop to let pedestrians cross/Installing designated crossing points where pedestrians can safely cross will make this location safer.