Auckland Transport

Hobsonville Point Road, Upper Harbour - parking changes

Consultation status: closed 4 November 2016

The Upper Harbour Local Board has requested that we change the current unrestricted area along the shops/commercial area at Hobsonville Point Road, Buffin Street and De Havilland Road. In the last few months, AT has received several complaints mainly from the business owners in the area.

Further investigation highlighted that the current unrestricted parking does not meet with the need in the area and is impacting the local businesses and their customers. We consider that the best strategy for the area will be to prioritise short-term over long-term parking and believe that these parking changes will help the local businesses to mitigate the problem with long-term parkers.

The proposed parking change is:

  • A new P120, applying 8am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday, on a section of Hobsonville Point Rd, Buffin Street and De Havilland Road.

Download the proposed Hobsonville Point Rd, Buffin Street and De Havillan Road plan (PDF 87KB).


Thank you everyone for your feedback.

The majority of respondents supported this proposal. Therefore, we will be proceeding with the proposal as originally set out.