Auckland Transport

Isobel Road, Greenhithe - no stopping at all times restriction

Consultation status: closed 25 November 2016

We are seeking feedback on a proposal to add No stopping at all times restrictions (broken yellow lines) around the intersection of Isobel Road and Outlook Road in Greenhithe.

The broken yellow lines will address the lack of visibility and accessibility caused by vehicles parked too close to this intersection. 

Download the consultation plan for Isobel Road (PDF 346KB)


Thank you everyone for your feedback.

The proposal received positive feedback with some concerns raised by respondents. After reviewing this feedback and all other supporting evidence, the proposal will proceed without changes to the next stage of detailed planning.

Specific feedback and proposed solution

  • Request that the No stopping at all times restrictions (broken yellow lines) be extended along one side of Isobel Road and to outside No. 22 Isobel Road and suggestions that the restrictions be also extended to outside No.1 Outlook Road and to outside No.3–7 Outlook Road. At school times the road can get really congested. On-street parking is a valuable shared community resource and is only removed where absolutely necessary, therefore no further removal of parking is proposed at this time.
  • Question regarding the need of the restrictions be extended to outside No. 24 Isobel road. The proposed restriction will address access issues experienced by drivers on narrower sections of Isobel Road highlighting that vehicles should not park within six metres of an intersection.
  • Request that there be speed bumps installed on Isobel Road. The latest traffic survey does not indicate vehicles speeds are of concern on Isobel Road therefore no immediate changes will be made to road design.

Next stage

We expect to introduce this work by June 2017, subject to any further changes in design or funding issues. Contractors will issue a 48-hour notice to all residents in the area prior to starting construction work.