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Auckland Transport

Jutland Rd, Hauraki - Pedestrian refuge island Jutland Rd, Hauraki - Pedestrian refuge island

Consultation status: closed 5 October 2017

Proposal reference: RTV-084

We are proposing to install:

  • A pedestrian refuge island on Jutland Road, between Waitemata Road and Sydney Street.
  • Pram crossings and tactile pavers.
  • Parking restrictions, in the form of broken yellow lines, adjacent to the refuge island on both sides of the road, approximately 7 parking spaces.

Download the consultation drawing for Jutland Road (PDF 361KB)

Currently there is no safe crossing point for pedestrians, especially parents with young kids, to get to the Lake Town Green playground on Jutland Road.

The proposed pedestrian refuge island will provide a platform for pedestrians to wait when crossing Jutland Road, and is located right in front of the gate to the playground. Pram crossings and tactile pavers will be installed as part of the works to facilitate crossing for wheelchair users and parents with prams.

Also, as some vehicles are currently travelling at high speeds along Jutland Road, the proposed pedestrian refuge island will narrow the lane widths, and therefore, encourage lower speeds.