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Killarney St, Takapuna - Zebra crossing Killarney St, Takapuna - Zebra crossing

Consultation status: closed 7 December 2017

Proposal reference: RTV-117

We are proposing to install a raised zebra crossing on Killarney Street outside Takapuna Primary School.

View the consultation drawing for Killarney St (PDF 1.46MB) 

Why the changes are needed

Our proposal responds to local requests for safer crossing facilities for people walking between the school, Killarney Park Reserve and the Takapuna Pool and Leisure Centre. The raised crossing will also act as a traffic calming measure along this busy road.


The proposal received positive feedback with some concerns raised by respondents. After reviewing this feedback and all other supporting evidence, the proposal will proceed with some minor changes to the next stage of detailed planning. These changes include using road markings to reduce lane widths on the approaches to the crossing. Please see specific feedback results below for details.

Specific feedback

  • Concern that the proposed pedestrian crossing will create traffic congestion and safety hazards on Killarney Street. This includes a suggestion that an underpass or bridge be built to facilitate pedestrians crossing at this location. Because Killarney Street is not a congested road, a new zebra crossing is not expected to increase traffic congestion any further. We believe that a new on-road zebra crossing is necessary to ensure the safety of pedestrians at this location.
  • A request to increase lane widths through the proposed crossing to avoid creating a pinch point for cyclists travelling along Killarney Street, which may grow in popularity as a preferred cycling route. The extent of the current road lanes (with existing catch-pits) does not allow any further widening of the crossing lanes or a reduction of the minor kerb build out. We plan to use road markings to reduce lane widths so that cyclists are encouraged to move in front or behind vehicle traffic before moving through the crossing.
  • A suggestion to shift the crossing eastward and away from the intersection of Auburn Street, taking into account that the school driveway on Killarney Street is entry-only. We believe that the proposed location is the most appropriate placement of the new zebra crossing because it accommodates pedestrian desire lines. Our site assessment showed that most pedestrians desired or preferred to cross the road at this location.
  • Requests to widen the footpath on the lake side of Killarney Street and address plant growth over this footpath to make it safer for pedestrians. This request is out of scope for this proposal which focuses specifically on pedestrian access near Takapuna Primary School. To report a problem with an existing footpath please fill in a feedback form.
  • Requests for additional works include:
    • Traffic calming measures along Killarney Street, including judder bars approaching the proposed crossing. Respondents report problems with high vehicle speeds and sun strike on this street.
    • Traffic calming measures in Manurere Avenue to facilitate safer pedestrian access to the recreation complex.
    • A reduction of the speed limit on Killarney Street to 30 km/h.
    • Pedestrian refuges at the intersection of Hurstmere Road and Killarney Street to be upgraded to zebra crossings.
    • Increasing the number of angle carparks on Killarney Street.
    These requests are out of scope for this proposal which focuses on pedestrian access near Takapuna Primary School. If you would like your request to be considered by AT for future development works, please fill in a feedback form or report a problem to be fixed at provide feedback here.

Next Steps

We expect to introduce this work between July 2018 and June 2019, subject to further changes in design or funding issues. Contractors will issue 48-hour notices to all affected residents prior to construction work.