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Northcote Safer Communities programme

Consultation status: open until 17 March 2017

We are currently working with schools in the Northcote and Birkenhead area to implement a Safer Communities programme which will be delivered through multiple proposals in the area. These improvements aim to make the road and footpath environment safe as part of our coordinated plan to develop safer road layouts, promote sustainable travel and ensure ease of passage for those travelling on foot. As part of these improvements, we will also upgrade any sub-standard street lighting as and when required.

We are seeking feedback from the Northcote community on multiple projects as part of our Safer Communities programme

In Northcote, we are seeking feedback on potential improvements across five locations:

Location Map for Northcote Safer Communities projects

Site 1 - Highbury Bypass

Pedestrian accessibility at this intersection for people using the Birkenhead Shopping Centre, the Primary School and Leisure Centre is currently unsuitable as the existing crossing on Highbury Bypass is outdated and Mahara Avenue has a wide crossing distance with no facilities making it difficult to cross. Furthermore, the current 'right turn' bay to Mahara Avenue is inhibited by the existing traffic island causing traffic to build up on Highbury Bypass. Coupled with parked cars, the visibility for vehicles and pedestrians is also restricted.

To make walking safer for pedestrians (including students of the nearby school) and improve visibility for vehicles, we propose to:

  • Install a new pedestrian crossing on the west side of the intersection.
  • Install a new pedestrian crossing on Mahara Avenue.
  • Remove pedestrian crossing and traffic islands on east side of intersection.
  • Amendments to 'No stopping at all times'’ restrictions on the intersection.

Download the consultation drawing for Highbury Bypass (PDF 2MB)

Give your feedback on Highbury Bypass

Site 2 - Onewa Road and Kauri Glen Road

Pedestrians, including those associated with Northcote College, have been observed to be crossing at the end of the pedestrian safety fence and to be coming into conflict with exiting vehicles at Kauri Glen Road. There are also crossing visibility issues and an issue of drivers running through the mid-block signalised pedestrian crossing at Onewa Road. 

To make it safer for pedestrians and drivers on both Onewa Road and Kauri Glen Road, we propose to:

  • Install new traffic side islands, surrounding footpath, pram ramps with tactile pavers and extend the existing pedestrian safety fence on Kauri Glen Road.
  • Remove existing pavement markings on Kauri Glen Road.
  • Install new electronic red flashing road studs and new red carpet surfacing on crossing of Onewa Road.

Download the consultation drawing for Onewa Road and Kauri Glen Road (PDF 1MB)

Give your feedback on Onewa Road and Kauri Glen Road

Site 3 - Onewa Road

There are currently cars parked close to the pedestrian crossing during off-peak times inhibiting visibility and there are also drivers running through the signalised crossing in this area.

To upgrade this crossing and improve visibility for both pedestrians and drivers, we propose to:

  • Install and extend the current No stopping at all times restrictions from the bus stop to the crossing on the north side of Onewa Road.
  • Install new electronic flashing red road studs on the approach to the pedestrian crossing.

Download the consultation drawing for Onewa Road (PDF 1.4MB)

Give your feedback on Onewa Road

Site 4 - Lake Road and Kawana Street

Currently there are concerns over visibility and accessibility for pedestrians and drivers at this location. 

To fix the visibility issues for both pedestrians and drivers and to facilitate crossing for pedestrians and cyclists and integrate with the new shared path being constructed on this road as part of the ‘Northcote Safer Cycle Route’, we propose to:

On Lake Road 

  • Install new signalised mid-block crossing with exclusive lanes for both cyclists and pedestrians. Proposed crossing includes tactile pavers, pram ramp and amended footpath area.
  • Install new holding line and associated signal pole and lights.
  • Remove existing pavement marking where proposed crossing will be located.

On Kawana Street

  • Install a 3.5m wide zebra crossing with traffic side islands and associated pram ramps and tactile pavers.
  • Remove 3 on-street parking spaces and 7 off-street parking spaces on road reserve to the south of the crossing.
  • Reinstate landscaping on southern side of Kawana Street crossing.

Download the consultation drawing for Lake Road and Kawana Street (PDF 1.7MB)

Give your feedback on Lake Road and Kawana Street

Site 5 - Woodside Avenue

Woodside Avenue acts as a major access point for school travel, where parents drop off/pick up their kids and where the walking bus passes through. Whilst there is extensive traffic calming, the road severely lacks crossing facilities.

In order improve accessibility for all pedestrians, we propose to:

  • Install new pedestrian crossing (with a a short crossing distance of 4.2m) with traffic side islands, pram ramps and tactile pavers.

Download the consultation drawing for Woodside Avenue (PDF 824KB)

Give your feedback on Woodside Avenue

If you would like to post in your feedback, download and print our feedback form template, fill in your details and send it freepost using the address details on the form.

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