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Rosedale Rd & Apollo Dr, Rosedale – Roundabout signal metering Rosedale Rd & Apollo Dr, Rosedale – Roundabout signal metering

Consultation status: closed 17 May 2017

We are proposing to make the following changes:

  • Install roundabout traffic signal metering (traffic lights) with associated signage and road markings on both Rosedale Road (west approach only) and Apollo Drive.
  • Install broken yellow lines, removing five parking spaces on Apollo Drive.
  • Install queue detectors with ducting beneath grass berm (from 49 to 87 Rosedale Road, 96 to 110 Apollo Drive and 119 to 123 Hugh Green Drive – location subject to detail design) to relay vehicle queue information back to the signal controller.

Why the changes are needed

The objective of this proposal is to improve the balance of traffic flow at the roundabout during peak times and reduce excessive queuing on key routes.

These metered signals will automatically activate only when queues are long. Then they will allow vehicles travelling on congested approaches to go through the roundabout, improving traffic flow efficiency when needed.

Ducting beneath the grass berm from addresses 49 to 87 Rosedale Road, 96 to 110 Apollo Drive and 119 to 123 Hugh Green Drive (subject to detail design) would be required as part of the proposed works. During installation, there would be a minor impact to these residents and businesses which we would communicate at a later date and minimise where possible.

Download the consultation drawing for Rosedale Road & Apollo Drive (PDF 1MB)

Feedback results

The proposal received mixed feedback, with some concerns raised by respondents. After reviewing the feedback and other supporting evidence, the proposal will proceed with minor changes to the next stage of detailed planning.

The minor changes include additional cycle lane greening on the Rosedale Road west approach.

We expect to begin this work by August 2017, subject to further changes in design or funding issues. Contractors will issue 48-hour notice to affected residents prior to construction. 

Specific feedback

Upgrade the roundabout to a fully signalised intersection.

We plan to upgrade to a fully signalised intersection long-term, subject to project funding. In the interim, this proposal is a cost-effective measure to better manage peak traffic flow until we can begin work on a fully signalised intersection.

Questions around whether signals will be on at all times (and causing congestion).

The red light will only trigger when there is high traffic demand on certain approaches - such as when long traffic queues are detected.

Signal metering will hinder traffic flow.

The signal metering is necessary to better manage traffic congestion in peak periods at the roundabout. Overall, the metering will balance existing delays and queuing approaching the roundabout and will improve the overall flow.

More provisions are needed for crossing pedestrians and cyclists.

The proposal is a cost-effective treatment to better manage traffic flows during peak traffic flows, until funding for full signalisation is available.

Minor provisions for pedestrians and cyclists have been considered and included in the proposal based on the current general intersection layout. We acknowledge that roundabouts are not the most cyclist-friendly means of directing traffic through an intersection and will design better crossing and cycling provision when the intersection is fully signalised.

Coordinate signal metering with the Rosedale / East Coast Road signals.

The roundabout signal phasing will be determined based on traffic volume. The red traffic lights at the roundabout will only trigger when there is high traffic volume.

Public transport needs to be improved in the area.

This proposal would help manage congestion on Hugh Green Drive. We expect that this proposal will also be beneficial for buses travelling down Hugh Green Drive and Apollo Drive - especially during morning peak periods. A new bus network will likely see further public transport provision in future.

Review other transport types and road layout options.

We considered other transport types and included these where possible. This includes green cycle lane surfacing to increase the visibility of cycle lanes, and help prevent vehicles encroaching into the cycle lane. 

Significant upgrades such as Dutch style roundabouts, protected cycle lanes and speed tables are outside the scope of this proposal, but can be considered in the investigation of the site's long-term full signalisation options.

Concerns raised about drivers using the nearby carpark to bypass the lights, suggestion to move lights further back.

The carpark is on private property which means we cannot do much to address this issue. Moving the traffic lights further back with impact the signal metering and affect traffic flow.

Request for additional work outside the proposal scope

For a request to be considered for future development, please use our Feedback form or Report a problem form