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Tarahanga St and Sylvan Ave - pedestrian crossing Tarahanga St and Sylvan Ave - pedestrian crossing

Consultation status: closed 10 April 2017

We are seeking feedback on a proposal to install a pedestrian crossing near the intersection of Tarahanga Street and Sylvan Avenue in Northcote.

We propose to:

  • Install a pedestrian crossing with a refuge island. This will include pram access, tactile pavers and a new adjoining footpath.
  • Build out the kerb on the south side of the intersection, extending to the grass berm.
  • Add new road markings, including new No stopping at all times restrictions (broken yellow lines) on the south side of Tarahanga Street and a new flush median. 

Why the changes are needed

The existing crossing on Tarahanga Street has a very long crossing distance, making it unsuitable for pedestrians. This proposal will shorten the crossing distance and increase the visibility of pedestrians to vehicles.

Feedback results

The proposal received mixed feedback with some concerns raised by respondents. After reviewing this feedback and all other supporting evidence, we will proceed with the proposal, with changes, to the next stage of detailed planning.

The changes include:

  • Installing a 3m-wide shared path from the Onepoto Cycleway (Bridge) to the Onepoto Domain; this will include the relocation of the current bus shelter.
  • Installing the proposed refuge island on a bus-friendly raised table; it will also be widened to accommodate both pedestrians and cyclist.
  • The proposed pram crossings will no longer be required.

These changes improve the crossing’s visibility, increase the pedestrian’s visibility, and also slow down vehicles speed, helping to achieve a safer crossing point.

See the revised plan for changes to Tarahanga St and Sylvan Ave (PDF 152KB)

Specific feedback

1. Concern that on-street parking is being lost

A tracking study was undertaken that illustrated the need for the removal of 3 parking spaces to accommodate access for school/sports buses, rubbish trucks and other emergency service vehicles. Further parking can be found along Tarahanga Street, further up Sylvan Street to No. 14, and also in the Domain’s car park.

2. Is this type of crossing needed?

AT anticipates a continued increase in the volume of pedestrians and cyclists in this location primarily due to the Northcote development, which includes the SkyPath and SeaPath cycleway projects. The pedestrian refuge is needed to provide a safer crossing point with improved visibility of the crossing and increased visibility for pedestrians helping to achieve this. As mentioned previously, alternative parking can be found in several locations nearby.

3. Consider connection between Onepoto Cycleway to the Onepoto Domain

It is a great suggestion to connect the cycleway to Onepoto Domain. As a result we have made changes to the proposal, including the shared path - which will run from the Onepoto Bridge to the Onepoto Domain - as well as the raised table at the crossing location, as described previously.

4. Crossing needed for those from Sylvan Avenue to Tarahanga Street/Onepoto Domain and vice versa

Unfortunately, due to the S-bend from No. 1 to No. 14 Sylvan Avenue, it is difficult to install pedestrian crossing facilities. With the SeaPath project, initialled by NZTA, there may be some improvement at the crossing of Sylvan Avenue near the intersection with Onewa Road in the future.

5. Proposed crossing distance too long

Due to the topography constrain and the layout of the intersection, the tracking analysis shows that the proposed length is necessary for school/sports buses, rubbish trucks, and other emergency service vehicles to travel through.

Next steps

We expect to complete this work by June 2018, subject to any further changes in design or funding issues. Contractors will notify all affected residents 48 hours before work starts.